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Friendlies........The Next Generation

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Realm sends "Bono" a "friendly hug" with a strong Energy Burst of Pure Love, to shock and awe Bono, strong enough so he can pass it, thru the energy source to the the Prince, who is rarely seen in the Realm of Reality. Pure Love Energies must reach the Prince somehow. This is the method Realm decided to use thru this "medium" computer; might as well use the technology for the cause of "One Man Comes In The Name Of Love". Love is meant to be given, not withheld. I want to try this medium to transport my energies to its owner vessel.



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Prince, enter your Lost Little Girl's Realm thru zootopia. Lets chat, I am dying to chat with you thru "writing", but be aware, that your pitch and your voice cannot be replaced by anything or anyone. She still will be always hungry for your energy which comes from you, your pitch, your voice, your images, and the best way to get your energy is right on uno a uno Prince. Come on Prince, I dare you, do what the world thinks is impossible, unthinkable, the Prince and the Realm speak thru this "new age techonology" isn't this cool Prince? See, is not hard, its easy to reach your Realm. Come and join me on a private chat line or we can all chat together with the others on zootopia Prince. I think you would enjoy being with your daisies who love you so much Bono. Yes, I have learned to say Bono, and not feel pressured. Your true name is Prince.

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Happy Saturday Friendlies!


I don't want to count my chickens but it feels like Spring has finally made it North of the border....the cat and I sat outside in the sunshine earlier!


Oh, and I've got a not-too-shabby young man cleaning my car right now, things are good!

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