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Friendlies........The Next Generation

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Had a great weekend and hope all my fellow friendlies did too? Was brill to see the sun shining at last!!!


I know the feeling Suzie ... hardly ever come here anymore myself..... I do miss all the old banter, fun and chat we used to have though :(


Hey ho ... I guess nothing lasts forever. But it IS nice to have somewhere to leave my best wishes and hugs to zoo mates (both those I have met and those I have yet to) :-)


Take care all xx

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I thought i best pop my head in here to say Hello to all the fab friendlies.

Iv decided that im going to start using the zoo again.....it won't be like old times but im gonna give it the benefit of the doubt.


Good to see you Val...the weather is so fab it realy make a difference to how everyone is feeling.


Hope everyone is good.


Suzie......il see you in a couple of weeks :-D

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