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Bono wrote a song for his friend who had electroshock


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Bono wrote a song "Electric Co.,"1980" The song was written

after Bono, U2"s lead singer, visited a school friend at Dublin"s St. Brendan"s Psychiatric Hospital where he had just undergone electroshock.


1980 " Boy, stupid boy

Don't sit at the table

Until you're able to


Toy, broken toy

Shout shout

You're inside out


If you don't know, Electric co.

If you don't know, Electric co.


Red, running red

Play for real

The toy could feel

A hole in your head

You go in shock

You're spoon-fed....


Just to hear me

I've found me way home.


Electroshock is still a very controversial treatment and is still around, it never left.


There are groups worldwide who want electroshock banned. Electroshock is also known as ECT, shock, shock therapy and electroconvulsive therapy.


There was a study done by Dr. Harold Sackeim who determined that electroshock always causes brain damage. See breggin.com for more info. See the blog and newssection.


The International Campaign to Ban Electroshock (ICBE) deems ECT to be unethical, barbaric, an atrocity and a crime against humanity. ICBE website:intcamp.wordpress.com


ECT stats:


100,000 Americans get ECT yearly

Worldwide 1 to 2 million people get ECT yearly


ECT websites:


breggin.com - Dr. Breggin has info on ECT and its damaging effects


endfoshock.com - see the "Electroshock Quotationary"


ect.org - lots of info on ECT


mindfreedom.org/ray - help Ray Sandford in Minnesota


mindfreedireland.com - Mary Maddock in Cork has a group out there. Mary is an electroshock survivor and wrote a book called "Soul Survivor"


capa.oise.utoronto.ca - ECT protest in Toronto Canada May 10, 2009

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