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GA Line up - Boston

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Parking opens at 3 pm. No lines for GA will be allowed to form before then.


GA will line up at the Patriot Place entrance.


Gates for GA will open at 5 pm, at which point you will be able to enter the field.



Giant structure being erected in Gillette Stadium for concerts Sunday, Monday

By Frank Mortimer

Published: Thursday, September 17, 2009 9:59 AM EDT

Squeezing the clock no less than the Patriots did in their win over the Bills, construction crews began to prepare the field for the U2 concerts this Sundayand Monday even while football fans were leaving Gillette Stadium.


The goal posts came down first, then the field was covered by a protective surface.


Building commissioner William Casbarra said setting up the "unique" U-2 stage is an event in itself, taking about five days to complete.


"I've got three books of structural calculations here," Casbarra said, referring to the plans his office received for erection of the stage.


The stage, with a cylindrical video screen, resembles a giant, four-legged creature from outer space. It stands 90-feet high tall with a 150-foot center pylon.It has several bridge connections to it with an umbrella type structure, more than 100 feet high, that covers the stage.


"I've dealt with complicated structures with the Rolling Stones stage" but this stage is the most elaborate, Casbarra said.


The oval-shape will take up about half the football field.


The event was expected to draw about 65,000 fans each night, including 7,000 on the field.


For both U2 concerts, parking lots are scheduled to open at 3 p.m., stadium gates at 5:30 p.m. The opening act, Snow Patrol, goes on at 7 p.m.


For some area residents, noise may be less of a problem than in past years.


Sound levels may be especially lower across Route 1 in Walpole, where most noise complaints were made in the past.


Casbarra said Patriot Place buildings, notably CBS Scene and the Brigham and Women's/Mass General Health Care Center, seem to block some of the sound -- apleasant bonus associated with the year-old mall.


He said he's heard no noise complaints from area neighbors during the current concert season.


During the concert, Casbarra will monitor sound levels outside the stadium's, responding to any complaints received on the Gillette Stadium hot line(508-543-0350).




The New England Patriots' home season opener also gave police a chance to try out a traffic plan that will be carried over to the two U2 events.


For the first time, the Foxboro Police Department for the first time will be posting detail officers at a number of local intersections under the same modelused for Patriots games.


Officers will posted at at number of intersections, including along Mechanic Street; Beach and Meadowview; North Street at Payson Road; and Main Street andPierce.


Among other traffic duties, detail officers at some locations try to make sure that only residents of those streets or their guests enter the neighborhoodsduring the peak times for event traffic.


The aim is to keep the event patrons from using the neighborhoods as shortcuts.


With global positioning devices common in vehicles these days, O'Leary said motorists are adept at finding alternate roads.


Officers try to perform this screening duty without unduly slowing the flow of traffic, but some additional delays do occur, he said.


"It was difficult to move people on the roads expeditiously," O'Leary said.


O'Leary said Sunday's U2 event will, at least, be free of the rush hour traffic that further clogged local roads during this week's football game.But the second night of the concert, coinciding wish rush hour, is expected to be more of a challenge.


U2 played Foxboro for two nights in 1997 with no unusual incidents, O'Leary said. To minimize tailgating disruptions, the stadium will continue its policyof denying parking lot access to people without tickets.

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General Information:


Parking lots open at 3:00 PM

Stadium gates open at 5:00 PM

Show starts at 7:00 PM


General Admission / Field Seating Ticket Holder Information:


All patrons with field tickets will access the field via the Patriot Place Gate which is conveniently located between the Gillette Stadium ticket office andThe Hall at Patriot Place. This is the only gate for field access and no other tickets will be accepted at this location.


Please be advised that there is no early issuance of wristbands prior to the gate opening time of 5:00 PM and all wristbands will be issued upon entrance intothe stadium via the Patriot Place Gate. Further, no line will be allowed to form for access to the field / general admission sections prior to the parking lotopening time of 3:00 PM. The line will be opened at this time on a first come first serve basis.


The parking lot opening time of 3:00 PM is defined exclusively by the Town of Foxborough license issued for this event and law enforcement personnel will be onhand to ensure compliance with this restriction by all patrons. We strongly urge all patrons NOT to arrive prior to 3:00 PM on show day as they will bedirected to return at 3:00 PM. We thank you in advance for your adherence to this required public safety directive.


To reiterate the event day procedures:


Patrons are to arrive beginning at 3:00 PM when the lots open.

Early arrivers will be turned away and directed to return at 3:00 PM

There will be no lining up for entry to the stadium prior to 3:00 PM on show day.

This line will be formed beginning at the Patriot Place Gate at 3:00 PM

The line will be formed on a first come first served basis starting at 3:00 PM

Patrons will enter the Stadium in an orderly manner and as directed beginning at 5:00 PM. Failure to follow the directions of stadium and U2 staff could resultin loss of ticket privileges so please be patient.

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