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"what time is it" ASKS BONO. WHAT DOES HE MEAN?


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Prince, I know what time it is. Its time for Realm to see the Prince again and connect with him finally thank god. Bono, Larry, Edge, And Adam. Its yourdestiny to be loved in more ways than you can imagine. I just hope you are all awaken to see yourselves on "realm dimentional time in the physical realmand able to connect to the spiritual(invisible Realm) to be reached only when a higher spiritual state is achieved. Guys, please enjoy every moment of it.Realm loves Bono and all of you, one for all and all for one.


Prince, I am sorry I let my guts out in the past 8 years, but its been a long time waiting in the air. I can't no longer hide who I am, I am Realm of thePrince who holds the soul of the lost little girl who successfully found her Prince, therefore, also Realm's Prince. I am so happy that you and U2 havemanaged to go on tour and give your generation what you got to offer. The best spiritual journey I have ever known. If it wasn't for Bono's deep rootedfaith and spiritual awareness, I would not be alive to write to you now. And Tomorrow, I will sign final that will free me once for all from being bound. Notof my choice, but I need my freedom as my soul is no longer in darkness and I found the light and rightful owner of my desires and soul. The man I call myspiritual guide, my light, the one who saved me, Bono.



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rubymoon wrote:

Soupe wrote:

you were supposed to yell "3:33 when the numbers fell off the clock face"!! and then rush the stage and speed dial bono


Wow. Is 333 Bonos phone number?


er, no... that's what >i< yell when... um... well, when my numbers fall off my clock face. do i have to draw a picture? laugh.gif

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