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"what time is it" ASKS BONO. WHAT DOES HE MEAN?


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yes time is important....we need to make a difference NOW, before its too late....
I have downloaded and listened to about a dozen different shows from the tour....and Bono has asked the question "What time is it?" in a few different places throughout the set list. So I also think his question is meant to provoke thoughts similar to what X has posted above -- the idea that the time is NOW to "Stand Up" (as in Stand Up Comedy), Get on Your Boots (or put on the armour of God) and "walk out into the street" (from Breathe). I think it's a call to action for all of us to stand up for what we believe in - and hopefully, that includes standing up against injustices in the world. It may also be standing up against FEAR, which has paralyzed so many since 911. Bono also refers to time in City of Blinding Lights, which is about how he felt performing at MSG right after 911, and being a part of that concert of healing for so many people. I believe he is saying there that he is not going to allow the state the world, with all its horrors, to rob him of the joy he has in believing in Christ. "Time...won't take the boy out of this man"..... children are so much better at joy than we adults are!
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