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Crazy tonight!

muddy grey wolf

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I said a while back that getting hold of "Crazy tonight" and indeed the last single "Magnificent" on CD format in the major record stores was almost impossible as they refuse to stock them, the "Magnificent" CD single only made No 48 in the U.K and the latest single "Crazy" hit the charts at a shameful No 32 here in the U.K

If U2, Universal Records and their publicity/sales people who will no doubt be getting big bucks think this is no cause for concern then something is very wrong.

I never thought I would see the day when U2 failed to make it into the Top 20 with a decent song with extensive non-stop radio airplay now they can't even get into the Top 30 or even 40.

Of course we can get hold of CD singles from online stores and ebay sellers but it seems these fail to make it into any official chart figures.

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