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How to get in contact with the band??

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That's what i've found yesterday. My boyfriend and i visited Dublin last year and we did a U2 tour over there. You can see the album of it on my facebook profile. We went to the studio's and the managment building (only outside)

Next to the Sound Studios, where they still recording, you'll have the U2 tower.

Behind that there's a Building where Bono owns an Appartement and The Clarence Hotel is owned by Bono and The Edge.

adress Sound studios: Hanover Quay

Adress U2 Tower: Sir John Rogerson's Quay

The Clarence Hotel ; Wellington Quay.

Larry lives in Sutton and for a drink with his friends he go's to The Summit pub (also on my photos)


You can also go to the following site where we booked our tour on in Dublin. You'll find all the titels like clarence hotel, adress and located on map nr;



May I ask you to take a look at my blog-post over here called U2-Birthday or on facebook at the event we have planned to celebrate the anniversary of U2 in September., called U2- I WAS BORN - I WAS BORN TO BE WITH YOU.  We really need any U2 ​​fan!

Thank you and we have our fingers crossed that it will succeed.






Principle Management

30/32 Sir John Rogerson's Quay

Dublin 2




Principle Management

(Music Artists Management Company)

30/32 Sir John Rogerson's Quay

Dublin 2

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