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I've Found What I'm Looking For


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I know it's been a few months since I have posted anything.  Got caughtup with life:work, school, friends,etc...  I'm not sure where else topost this.

Thanks to all the new wonderful people I met at the Chicago concerts. Especially Randy Baker(it was him that allowed me to see both shows),Debbie and her husband(met on night 2) for putting up with my questionsabout U2, and Mike Snodgrass(Mike7man) for directing me to websites tosee previous concerts and getting me water (next time I see you: I oweyou something). 

That's out of the way.

This was the first U2 concert I went to and their music has too manyconnections to my life.  To many songs bring images and feelings.  Onnight one, I almost started to cry with joy as I got out of my Jeep. My friend thought I was going to faint.  Night two, I did cry when"Walk On" played and when the guy next to me put his arm around me andwe started to sing together. Also, when "Unforgettable Fire" started,the group of guys around me and I turned to each other, screamed likefan girls, and started to jump around. I was the ONLY girl in thatgroup.  Both nights were in the ring.  Got a great shot of Bono, back lit on a bridge.  Looks saintly.laugh.gif

I just want to say that out of all the concerts and cons I have beento; this fan base was the best.  The good vastly outweighed the bad. The bad was even funny.  Guy in the garage on night 1 yelling that hislicensee plate number was: F-U-C-K-Y-O-U to someone.  I'm sorry, Isnickered a little with that.

During the concert, I found what I had been looking for.  Even now, aweek after the concerts, I still tear up when thinking about the goodtime and good feelings I experienced.  I have NEVER experiencedfeelings like this.  I can honestly say: that was the best weekend Ihave had.  When I try to tell my friends (who mostly mock me for likingU2) ;I find myself unable to describe to them the concert.  The pictures and videos I took fall short.  The few that I started to explain to them, had me stop because they said I got an intense look on my eyes'.


I hope to met more of you people and share stories, laughs, and beer!roll.gif

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