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Well after a very polite conversation with fanfire coustomer service I was assured that my problem was directed to the proper people to fix it and that I would be recieving an email as to the status within 1-2 days. That was nearly a week ago. So the beat goes on and I continue to delete cookies and temp internet files on both IE and Foxfire to no avail. Oh well fanfire got thier $40 from me and didn't deliver on the service they promised and rest assured they WILL NOT be getting a dime form me in the future. Once again thanks to all that responded and tried to help me out. My next email is going to Principle Mgt where it will probally be ignored as well. ohwell.gif  

Oh Sean I am so sorry, I feel for you.  I too was assured (twice) that the e mail they submitted for me was going to the higher ups somewhere and that it would definitely solve my problem.  IT DID NOT!!!!!


I don't know how my account got fixed it just worked after the new 'upgrade' or whatever they called it.  If there is anything i can help you with just let me know.  And by the way, demand your $40 back from Fanfire.  They should give it back to you.  They did for me when I wasn't able to access the paid side forums. 

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After another conversation with fanfire I give up. I'm not going to pay a $40 tax to get presale tickets. The funny thing is when I asked them if they read the forums on the website they charge for they told me no. I can't believe that the greatest band in the world who speak so passionately about thier fans could have a website with such complete shit customer support. I'm done trying to get this problem resolved. Fuck it's not worth anymore of my time.

Once again to the folks who tried to help. The U2 fans are the best, it's such a shame this website blows.


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