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Another "What if" about U2 thread!!

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  I was thinking about the times where I volunteered at the daycare center at my church where the average kid count for each day ranged from 6-9 toddlers and preschoolers.

  My question is how do you think each member of U2 would handle being in a room for a few hours which is filled with kids under the age of 5?

My gut feeling says this is how the situation would go down:

Bono-would have a great time entertaining the little ones

The Edge- probably be an expert at answering the kid's questions about them.

  Larry-I know a blonde haired boy and 3 girls who'd be following him around because of his hair color.

  Adam-he'd let the kids do whatever they wanted as long as it kept everyone out of trouble LOL.


  Enough about me, how do you U2's bandmembers handle a room filled with munchkins?



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What if fans just started bringing in banners/posters, requesting songs they like to hear? Like Drowning Man or Bad...especially in the red zone/GA area....are they even allowed to bring those in? I think Bono would tell the band to play them, but it will give the tech crew headaches.

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:)) Eh, that would be worth seeing. I guess they would manage just fine. But the best one, I think-The Edge. He looks like a big teady bear for kids. Dear. :)


My only concern is when the young-uns begin asking questions such as "why you talk different" (if they're in america) or ask The Edge "Why don't you have any hair"? LOL

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