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Words in rithme and not only...


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let the voice
come out/
i know
it comes/out strong/
it comes out strong/
a breath
and listen to the music/
feel myself
on that
feel strong
the energy
coming from
out there/
coming from out there/
the lights/
the good
vibe comes
all my body/
the good vibe
comes across
all my body/

i let the voice
come out/
i know/
it comes out strong/
it comes out strong/
the voice
of your heart/

The Cloud

Then the cloud
seems so far/
did it let me or did i?/
Doing things/well we do/
is it what we expect for?/
is it what we expect for?/
When the boredom is
so near and all i want
is to disappear/
to feel adrenalin i would like/
to feel adrenalin i would like/
there 's no answer i can find
than a cloud
of electricity/
i have seen/ enough to make you feel/
i have seen/ enough to give you peace/
i have seen/ enough to tell you dear/
Ride the horse/
hold the reins/then
a voice calls
me to reality/
is it what we expect for?/
is it what we expect for?/
ride the horse/
hold the reins/
then a voice
calls me to
then the cloud
is so far/

i am not afraid about 

Im not afraid about thinking of my life,
It is true ,every day 
it is a bit of troubling, but i know i m going to
find my way,
because i am not afraid about thinking of my life,
i am full of hope about thinking
of love,
it moves on
it moves on,
i am afraid about being
afraid of,
it is a human 
it may happen,
it is part of the possibility
to be,
is the engine
of the limitless
of love
it moves on , it moves on.

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Join the light


The lines explain it


and i keep them in


the story goes on


and slowly we

follow it/


Swaying this baby being

born in the light/

in my arms/

am i ready to join

the light it brings you

in?/ Am i?


Sweet creature

of the world/

sweet angel

of the Earth/

sweet living

answer to what

it is wrong/ Sweet you

are to me/ Always/ you bring

the light to me/


Am i ready to join

the light it brings you

in?/ Am i? / Am i ?/

Magic colours as a rainbow

shows/ Am i ?

/Join/ in what

it is new/

new as a baby being born/

my joy spreads out

in a single word/



Am i ready to join

in the light it brings

you in?/

Am i?/

Am i?/




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this heart/

beats as fast/



come out

of the dark/

a door/


locked and

a sight/

and the night/



the light/


a book/

on the shelves

you look/

for a while/ is it me are you interested in now?/

Is it me are you interested in now?/



into the veins/

we know much


than then/


the skin/



much/ this



to us/

This heart beats

as fast/

as you come

out of


This heart beats

as fast/ even the skin knows how much this feeling belongs to us/

as you come

out of

the dark/ we know much more than then/

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The House Part.V.  ' What a Saturday...




' Hello, hello here i am, Luke, Sophie is it all right there?'

Luke is having a phone call with the other guys at the ' Smart'.

' Yes Luke, here we are preparing the pub for tonight, there is a lot to do of course, but Mathilde is giving us a great help, Zak has just arrived.' Tony is busy with the stage

just now.

Luke sits on the bench outside the house in the garden and he is speaking with

the cellophone.

' Very good, would you please ask him to come at the phone?'

' Yes Luke he is here, hello see us later.'

The voice of Zak sounds sprightly to Luke :' Hello Luke, how are you?'

'Fine Zak, are you ready then for tonight?'

' Of course, i tell you in brief what i am going to do. First, how much time can i


Luke responds him while with signwriting he gives instructions to Carol where she has to water yet.

' Half an hour Zak, just to begin. Okay Zak?'

' To me is perfect Luke, i go on with the soundcheck and rehearsals.'

Luke stands up and starts walking towards Carol who has been stung by a bee

and she is giving quickly a massage to the right leg, doing small jumps at the same


' Okay, now i must go Zak, see us later , bye.'

Carol emits small sounds with the voice intermittently and Luke is now next to her,

he asks her to let him see the puncture.

' It is not so serious, could have been worse!' Let's go to the kitchen and put some

ice on it.''

Carol walks limping and clinging to his shoulder.

A sound of horns announces that someone is crossing the gate.

Luke and Carol turn to look at who is.

Carol stops suddenly and murmurs : ' Shaun'.

The sound of a braking and behind Shaun's car , the van of Sunny crosses the

gate too.

Luke rubs his hands in satisfaction , but Carol holds his arm tightly now and

says him :' I feel faint.'

Luke puts a hand back to her neck and moving quickly towards the door , he

asks her almost begging :' No, no, not now Carol, resist!'

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The House Part.V.  ...Ready to go....



Sunny, Grace and the Captain are leaving the flat. Grace wants to assure herself that Sunny has taken all she has asked to bring to Luke's house.

' First, the cd number 1, Sunny, where is it?'

Sunny wears a black and white bag, the Captain Butler today is a bit nervous and smokes

on big mouth, Sunny makes some gestures of disapproval besides him, then answers to

Grace:' Here it is , in the blue wrapping as you asked me.'

Grace is very beautiful, she wears a suit jacket and denim skirt and a white shirt, her long red

hairs perfectly combed in a braid falling along her back.

On the contrary Sunny seems to have forgotten at the moment what a comb is as his hairdo

reminds a hedgehog.

' And the map Sunny have you put it on the bag?'

' Yes aunt Grace , the map , sorry, Aunt is it necessary?'

Sunny asks shamefacedly.

' Of course!'

Grace responds strongly.

A honk announces the arrival of someone outside.

Grace, The Captain and Sunny go out of the flat and see a white long car parked outside,

they are Miss. Whitecross and Mr. Guildfire.

Grace waves at them and invites them to get out of the car as the band is not arrived yet.

' What time is it Sunny?'

' It is five past four .'

' They are late, strange, Sunny what have you told them ?'

' Well i ve spoken with Shaun only, the appointment is at four o'clock at Luke's house!'

The Captain holds barely a laugh, but he tries to remain serious, Grace looks at him

impassive and says :' Sunny why do you always forget something, i told you to specify

that they had to stop by here before!'

Sunny is perplexed and asks : ' To do what?'

Miss Whitecross and Mr. Guildfire have met them in the meantime.

They are both smiling and seem very quiet.

The Captain Butler then intervenes :' Okay, it is clear that the guys are on the way to

Luke's house, Grace, i think we can go too.

' Perfect, Sunny take the van, please, we go with that!'

Miss Whitecross seems a little embarassed ' With the van?'

'Yes, we must get into the spirit of the tour, but if you want you can go there by car,

here it is the address.'

Miss Whitecross feels the need to apologize for such insolence and adds:

I am sorry, i am glad to be in the van.'

' Okay, we are ready to go then, Sunny you know what to do.'

Sunny looks stupefy, then beat his head with his hand and moves resolutely.

' It is a true musical talent.' Grace says proudly.



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The House Part.V.  ....Pete and his need to do jogging....

He got out of home with the idea to do some jogging and he has started his sport activity along the road. The air is fresh

and he has not met so many people along his path but what

it surprises him and makes him think about it is what he catches his attention actually.

The birds singing in the trees, the flowers planted in some gardens ,this tenderness of the

heart in admiring some kind of beauty around.

What is happening to him?

He arrives till the beach and there he stops and sits down on the bank. He breathes

the air deeply and then stands up and does some gymnastics, he sits down again

and he remembers that he has taken the cigarettes with him, so being aware that it is

not a good idea, he extracts a cigarette from the pack with the yellow wrapping and lights it .

He smokes in small puffs and begins thinking about the last events.

And he smiles remembering the day in which Jeff and himself made a visit to Carol in

MIki's flat.

Her reaction was incredible at Shaun's words and he looks around to assure himself

that there is no one as a laugh comes out on his own.

Carol, what a girl, only if she could see how he is.

He is not only a boy who tries to find his way in music, he is a boy that he feels like

a man. A right man to be next to her.

Two many rivals, Shaun is the first and his official boyfriend, then Miki, but they are

only friends as what they say and Sunny, which role has he?

Okay, he is the producer.

No, he cannot do these kind of thoughts, he cannot, Shaun and Carol are happily

engaged. Happily... It doesn't seem.

Lost in these reflections that leave a bad taste to him he decides that he cannot do a lot

now but only see what is going to happen between Carol and Shaun and eventually do

the step.

He stands up and takes the way to get home.

As he enters , he finds his father on the armchair that promptly greets him and

clearly shows his interest in doing some conversation with him.

' Hello Pete, how are you today?'

' Fine daddy, fine and what about you?'

' Very fine, Pete. So have you thought about your studies at the University?

Pete starts coughing and hardly retains a laugh, but feeling a bit stupid he

controls himself and answers ' Uh father you know i am going on with the band,

we have a contract and the second album is out today. '

His father gives a sigh and tells him :' I have understood Pete you are determinate

in going on with your carrier as a musician, i have to confess you Pete i wished

to have a doctor in family, but if this is what you want, it is all right.

What it counts now it is only your future and this is a good beginning.

Pete smiles to his father and says : Okay, would you like a coffee dad?'

' Yes, sure but only if you do it personally!'


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The House Part.V.  ....Grace , Sunny and the new record......

Grace and Sunny are at home. Both are having breakfast in the wide terrace of Grace's

flat. They are relaxed and ready to take a read at all the reports regarding the sales's values

of the first album.

Sunny is taking a cup of coffee and asks Grace : Could you imagine such a result?

Grace looks at him kindly and answers quickly :' uh Yes Sunny, i could. You will learn,

you will learn.'

Anyway, i am in word with Mr. Whitecross as regards the tour we are going to afford in

two weeks. The other band has just finished to record and then at the end of this week

this studio will be free for you and your project of the single.'

Sunny eats a piece of cake and complaints .' Always in a hurry, i do not know if two

weeks is the time to record my first single as producer.'

Grace smiles at him and eating a bread and marmelade punctualizes : Do you want to know

a thing, i will suggest you to end in a week!'

Sunny shows an expression of panic in the face and holding his neck with the right hand,

says : Okay Aunt Grace, Okay.'




Ten o'clock in the morning ,Carol is in the kitchen.Luke and she have talked for an hour

in the dining room and they have agreed that for the coming days everything will be all right

in the house just because both they do want this.

Coffee is quite ready and she is glad that today she is going to be with Shaun again.

This is the day of the absolutely positive propositions, Luke and Carol have promised together,

no cloud on their sky and Mathilde has encouraged them to go on in this way.

In the afternoon, The band will be there together with Miss. Whitecross, Mr.Guildfire,

Grace,Sunny and the Captain and they will listen to the new record.

The emotional level is high Luke admits it to Carol as he has not had the possibility to listen

to it before and in truth he is seriously worried about the reaction of the members of the

band especially of Shaun, who was not present at the final mixing by the hand of Miss


Anyway the second album of the band is finished and if Grace is so satisfied surely it will

be one of the best work of the band.

' And it will be my time Luke, My song will be recorded and published and i will do my best because it

is as i want it to be!'

Carol tells Luke this while she drinks a bit of Coffee.' Certainly my dear Carol and if you want i could give

my personal support playing the bass guitar in it!' Carol shows a curious expression in the face

and answers promptly :' uh it can be an idea, we will see.'



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The House Part.V  ........Who's There......


Luke and Mathilde are walking along the path made of stone that leads to the main door's Luke's house. The sky is not dark , there is the light expanding at the horizon and the dawn is .

Side by side they are proceeding in the quiet walk when Luke always so careful notices something

of not usual in the distance.

He stops and stops Mathilde too taking her by the hand.

She asks him : ' Why?'

Luke makes her the sign to talk at a low voice as he has just seen that the bench situated in front

of the house is not empty and now Mathilde has seen this too.

' Uh who sits there, maybe a thief?'

Luke looks at her with a disapproval glaze and answers : Mathilde, you are surprising me indeed!

A thief that sleeps! Mathilde come on!'

Mathilde shuts up and waits for Luke's decision.

' Maybe a lazybone, he could have arrived here drunk and leaned upon the bench, i think he is

sleeping, let's come nearer!'

' Uh but it could be dangerous!' Let's call the police!'

Luke makes her the sign to stop shouting, now that they are coming nearer the bench he has a

strange feeling inside and if the blonde of the hairs wasn't so unusually brighting he would be

sure 100% to recognize who sits sleeping deeply on the bench.

Mathilde is going to scream, but Luke holds stronger her hand, then she whispers after having

perfectly recognized the shape of the person in front of them

' She is Carol!'

' Yes she is!' Luke confirms and stops in front of her.

Carol is sleeping deeply , she is not lying on the bench as she didn't think to fall into a sleep,

but she sits upon it.

Mathilde laughs now: ' She sleeps like a horse!'

And the voice of Luke comes out like a thunder: ' Carol!'

Mathilde whispers : ' uh Luke...in this mood..'

Carol opens her eyes suddenly and the blood running in her veins freeze for a second,but

as she realizes that Luke is in front of her, she smiles and says:

uh i ve slept, i am sorry .'

Luke sits down next to her and receving her with open arms tells : ' Welcome back...'

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The House Part.V.  ...Luke, Mathilde,Carol and Miki, Shaun and Pete....





Luke and Mathilde are entering in the garden of the house and they are talking about the last

events. Luke is particularly satisfied of the inauguration of the pub as the incomes have

surprisingly exceeded any previews and this is a welcome goal.

So they are able to go on in the programming of other night entertainments like that also with

the partecipation of Zak.

And there has been the confirm that the band is growing in interest from the audience and is

growing in searching new horizons in their music.

But, Luke has a thought for Carol and he wants to share it with Mathilde.

They are parking the car and after a moment of silence while they come out of the car Luke

says : You know, i ve been too much hard with Carol recently, i have to let her improve in

her musical attitude and furthermore i have to be more faithful as regards her relationship

with Shaun.

Mathilde smiles to him and takes him by his arm, she is proud of being in love with a man

like him, he always understands any situation and more than that he is so lively, so full of

ideas, of projects and never lets a friend down.

' Yes , maybe you have to be less protective , less the big brother. I am sure something will

change in her behaviour.'




' So are we agree? Carol are you listening to me? Are we agree? Stop with these acts against you,

now you go home, you get a shower and straight go to bed and tomorrow you will tell Luke that

you are very sorry of how you have gone away from home. Okay?

Miki and Carol are in the taxi in front of Luke's House, Carol has admitted to him that now she

is so afraid to have let Shaun on his own.

The taxi driver coughs as the wait is becoming long and Miki fears that his whole loan could be not

enough to pay him.

' Okay Miki i promise i shall do what you suggest to me, good night and thank you for all.'

Miki gives a caress upon her face and adds : I will call you tomorrow on telephone and i am

sure that everything will be at the best. Good night Carol, sweet dreams.

She gets out of the car and after few steps she has a flash in her mind, she turns back

and starts calling Miki, but it is too late, the taxi is far away and she has reminded that

she has not the keys to get into the house.




' What do you want to do?' Pete asks Shaun as they are out of the pub, they are leaving it from

the back entrance. ' I do not know, i am so furious, i , i feel as i am a stupid.If i had Carol

here, i i would eat her!

' Uh uh, good appetite! You want to be overground of everything! jeff has told me that he has

enough of all this story between you and Carol and especially after you have quite obliged him to ask Sunny to take

a look outside if there was Miki around and with the excuse to talk about the song you wanted to arrive to


' Yes, uh if Carol would be here now! And he launches a fist on air.

Pete leans the hand upon his shoulder and says : Okay, i want to go home now. Tomorrow afternoon we

have this appointment by Luke's house to listen to the new record alltogether and we will have a meeting

about the future programmes, so ,if you want i lead you at home with the car.

' All right, All right, thank you Pete!

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The  House Part.V.  Luke and Mathilde and what's going on.....



Luke and Mathilde are back home. Luke is driving slowly along the road and the first lights of the new day are clearing the dark of the sky.

The gig has been excellent, no technical problems at all. The Captain Butler has had everything

under control at the mixer and Sunny , stage phonic in this case, has had the best about


But, sometimes a but it may come out, there has been a brief discussion between Sunny

and Shaun.

In the backstage Grace, Rosalyn Whitecross and the four guys had a cheers together

to celebrate the good concert, Sunny who usually has to work a lot after the concerts,

accepted to join them and at a certain point he said:

- Shaun, i have to say that your girlfriend Carol always changes her look, i am sure he is preparing herself

for the new single i am going to produce.' For a while Shaun stuck in an expression not so clear to the others, then launched an interrogative glaze to

Pete , who looked at him as he had received a glass of icy water in the face.


Sunny understood that it was the case to put light on the matter:'

I met her before the gig when i arrived, she was in company of Miki, i thought

you knew.'

At these words Shaun answered very disappointed : ' Who told you that i didn't know,

i know of course, i am only surprised of the fact that the thing surprises you.

Pete said then : What thing?

Grace took then the word as Jeff and Ryan seemed to be a bit annoyed of all the


- My dear guys we are here to celebrate this show, tomorrow the album will be

out and i am so proud of it. Hurray for my beloved band ' Peak of the hill'!

And in chorus everyone shouts : ' Hurray!'


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