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Words in rithme and not only...


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The House Part.V.  .....Still it is saturday and....

Sunny kisses Carol on one's cheek and she does it too, it is a moment which seems without
end in this simple act and everything around disappears.' You have been great Carol!'
Sunny says and although he looks pale and tired , he shines more than ever.
It is something out of his phisical aspect, he is something from the inside that gives to him
a special brightness.
Carol is excited and the only words that she is able to say are : thank you Sunny, i did my
'Sure' Zak says and he holds Carol's shoulders. ' But i told you that everything would have
been alright!'
Tony is working as dj and the music is sounding, boys and girls are dancing and having a good time.
Shaun joins the others in the back of the stage, he arrives and sees Carol, Sunny and
Zak. At first he has a bad impression of the scene in front of him, he has the feeling to
have lost something.
He runs towards Carol without losing more time and kisses her passionately.
Zak and Sunny comments in chorus : Wow.
Zak checks the watch to see how much time the kiss has life.
When Shaun lets Carol , he holds her gently to him and tells her : now ,each of us knows
how is to be on stage and to lead a show. '
Mathilde appears with the camera and informs Carol that unfortunately she has begun
filming from the third song , but the rest has been filmed in an excellent way.
She makes congrats to Carol. Shaun has taken Sunny by an arm and they are talking
about the future projects.
Luke arrives too, Mathilde asks worried :' Who is at the cash place?'
' Mathilde! i ve closed the cash, it was the time, i ve sold all the tickets, there are
two bodyguards at the entrance!' Carol, come here, you were fabolous, my little
treasure, what a show has come out!
And she runs towards him to receive a kiss on her forehead.
'What can we do now?' Sunny asks.
' I know a place that it is open till the morning, we can eat something.'
Shaun makes his proposal. ' We cannot come now, we have to help till the closing
time of the pub, Mathilde and i will reach you later, i would say in one hour.'
Luke says and checks the watch.
' Okay, wait for me, i give the voice to my aunt Grace and the Captain, i ll be
back in a little while.'
Sunny says and goes away.
Carol sits down on an armchair and sighs.

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The House Part.V. ....An unexpected guest....


The pub called ' Daylight' receives the fun committee which get away from the 'Smart' .

Carol is wide awake, she moves as if she has waken up an hour ago, have drunk at least

three cups of coffee, it is effect of the post show.

Sunny , the Captain and Grace have made all sort of compliments to her, so

she is at the highest level and she is convinced that the career of singer could be the

right one for her.

Zak has not come with them, he chose to stay at the ' Smart' and give help to Mathilde,

Luke , Tony and Sophie.

The pub is very cosy, the walls are painted in ivory colour and there are two wide rooms,

they take place on a table with twelve seats.

Everyone is agree to order something to eat. Carol asks for a grilled cheese sandwich

and a beer , Sunny and Shaun opt for a pizza, Grace asks for a piece of cheese cake and a glass

of rosè wine, the Captain asks for a double whisky.

Carol sits at the head of the table and next to her is Shaun, at a certain point when she has

already started eating her sandwich, he risks a wisecrack:' Carol, i am not sure that singing

and doing gigs is your career, especially after having seen you taking the music stand

on the stage with the sheets of the lyrics upon it, couldn't you remember them?

Sunny who wasn't there during that episode asks amazed:' Really?'

Shaun answers him and Carol keeps on eating :' Yes, really'

And in this way things go on between Carol and Shaun, it is enough this wisecrack to change

the atmosphere.

Sunny who has a sort of veneration for Carol, feels the need to say:' Uh i think that it was

a good solution if Carol couldn't remember all the words of the song.'

There is a moment in which Carol wishes to stand up from her seat and leave the pub at

high speed, but she takes the courage and comments : uh/uh/uh/.

Argument of the conversation between Grace and the Captain Butler is the recording

of the album of Jonathan.

Butler has already surrendered and he is ready to leave the day after.

Carol is afraid now of the behaviour of Shaun when they are in company of others.

He wants to be at the centre of the attention and he looks as he is acting.

She is musing about this when in the room comes in a person that she doesn't expect

at all. At her eyes he is the good angel that appears in the moment of the need.

Miki is arrived in company of a friend,a tall blonde girl and very charming.

Shaun stops eating , Sunny is talking to the Captain.

Carol stands up and runs towards him, Miki is surprised to see Carol in that place

and at that hour of the night. As soon as she comes near, he introduces her friend to Carol

and viceversa, her name is Pamela.

''What's on Carol, you look like a scarecrow! He asks her almost whispering.

Carol answers him and smiles to Pamela :' I did a gig in couple of Zak tonight at

the ' Smart''

Miki is horrified :' A gig with this look? Uh my and Luke where is he, i see only

Shaun over there, so everything is okay between you.'

Carol sees him as the last anchore and invites him to join the others

and while they are walking together she adds:' Luke arrives soon.'


End Part.V.

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Tell tell tell



easy is not /

to tell

how hard/

is to stay with you/

how hard is to

stay far from you/



what do i have to

tell more?

that i ve /already said

to you/

it is a mistery/

it is a walk in the dark/

this love/

i cannot change this


and i /cannot change




shine on me/

show me the truth/

i do not want to

hurt you/

i do not want to

leave out

without you/

but i am confused/


tell me the truth/


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words written
on a marble wall/
i want to find my way/
my way to embrace
the essence as much as
i can/
to reach the
perfect feeling/
a status
in which
the harmony/
the top peaks/
this is
what i really
so i ve explained
a bit/
the most 
is by myself/
in my ears/
i am not so
far in distance/
the world 
is here/

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so when the time comes to pretend/
pretend it is not what i need/i am not
a pretender//
white fly/black sheep/trick of the mind/have you ever heard about this?/
i ride the waves/indeed/contradiction/
multi coloured transmission/interferences/
stop/take a bit of restart/hello/hello/
a kite up in the sky/i smile/not to the angels/
not to the demons/to the good persons/
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no no whisper
in the ear/no whisper in the ear/
that cloud
was almost
i thought
it was
a bad
i had//
and wave
without a tear/
no sign
of war
is here/no sign of war is there/
and paint
it to this
clearly//paint it/clearly/
i m sorry
if i loved you/
i didn't
want it/till the pride is strong/
forgiveness doesn't come/
go/go now/
and live
the day as it is/
as if it was
the best for
no whisper/
in the ear/no no whisper in the ear/
that cloud
was almost near/
i thought it was
a bad dream i had/

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although although /although/ although/
what do i have to give
more than i did give?/
Although although/ although/
i could do more/
i recognize/ it sounds as a prayer/
to read the world in 
positive / i hope / i hope/ i hope/
expanding treasure
the promise of the future/
it is so near/
i hope/i hope/i hope/
every day
i want to wake up
with the smile of the hope/
to be better and better and better/
although although /although
someone  ignore/
someone  ignore/
their truth/

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It is a warm feeling/
i have/
just like wearing a
coat in a day of cold/
when i meet the beauty/
i look forward each
counting of time/
in my exaltation/
wholly absorbed/
in this voyage
of my imagination/
my senses get carried/
it becomes my pretension/
my elevation/
it goes beyond the sight/
and it makes part/
beauty is a
charming own
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These times /
these times/
will last more than
few years/
these times/these
times/ seem out of time/
but/they aren't/they aren't/
has no end at all/
has no end at all/
won't let us out of greatness/
still the magic thrilling comes  out
of my fingers/
still the music comes out
so strong/
so rebel/
i feel inside/
these times/
these times/
will last more than few
seem out of time/
but/they aren't/
these times/
these times/
are better than yesterday/
has no end at all/
in this eternal friendship/
in this eternal friendship/
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How can i say ?
i want to discover
 the joy and  the pain
boredom the colours
dreams the opinions
with you
to chat is a
to explain is a force
to love is growing
with you
i am listening to you
i am listening to you
i am listening to you
to fight is to build
a future
in the game
in the sound
high spirits
in the challenge
and that
it may be
i am listening to you
i am listening to you
i am listening to you
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