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A request to the band....


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tongue.gifGreetings U2, hope the tour is going well and your health is in check. im extatic that you have decided to vist my home town of denver on june 29th and was hoping you could put on a special show. This would be the first and might be the last time I ever see a show of the band live and would love to see a few songs added to the set list (not that there is any thing wrong with the reccent ones). consider these:


*All because of you

*some times you can't make it on your own


*The fly



*staring at the sun


and the best song you guys got

*The first time

I hope you can consider this and the message actually reaches the band, but hey it might. hope you can consider this.

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My son Jason, a huge U2 fan, was the 8 yr old pulled up by Bono at the Weds. Sept 23rd show at Giant Stadium show during City of Blinding Lights when he swapped glasses with my son.


I want to start out by thanking both Bono and the entire band as well as U2 staff for making my sons 1st ever concert experience the most unfogettable of nights( for both him and me!) and these are the types of moments you can only get at a U2 concert!


Of course it all happened so fast that I didn't get any quality shots and was just wondering if there is any video/footage that can be sent or where I can download to save such a ridiculously special moment in my sons life.


 my email is dontneedem@aol.com or jahearn@slk.com


Thanks so much again from both me and my son Jason!



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Couldn't agree more Zooshocker!

I'd really really really LOVE for there to be Mofo as the encore. Imagine how EPIC it would be. Band get on the golf buggy to get to the back of the stadium, walk through the crowd, bang into Mofo... that'd blow the roof off anything and make that bloody Claw launch. Epic as.
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