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What an amazing choice! Only about 20 minutes to go until the show's over...hope that whatever else they do makes it on the air and isn't at the end credits!

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"Just get her a freekin' bayberry candle" funny skit. "Freekin'...." Freekin.." lmao. "freekin". thats classic Broooooklyneseish ranting.

ok, this is great. lmao. i can relate to this one. lmao

"the freekin pool became a freekin flat circle... freekin.. biblical!!!!"

"freekin... ""friggin filter systems!! didnt know my friggin bird was dead in there for a friggin 2 months!!'
"thats friggin disgusting!!"

"i broke my friggin leg, fallin off a motorcycle in a friggin' motorcycle store.."
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