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Fed Ex Field Parking info.......email I got from venue

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Well I emalied the venue because I heard they were allowing GA to start lining up at 8am but parking lots not opening until 3pm...........


well this is what they said...thought I would share:


Our Gray parking lot, which is located just off of the immediate stadium

property, will be opening at 8am, with the rest of the lots opening

around 3pm.  Therefore, those wishing to begin lining up outside of Gate

E around 8am can park in the Gray lot.


The venue is still saying 3pm but I got 2 emails from ticketmaster that said 12 noon.  Bottom line if you are going early to Q up as a GAer then go to the gray lot, it will be open at 8am.  (All the lots there are color coded).  Hope this helps!  See you at the show!  I will be the one screaming my head off hopefully front row!tongue.gif

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There's some sort of official lot party going on (I know because a charity event I ran this weekend hosted a band who will be playing it). They said they're playing the Budweiser Stage at 3 pm, so I have to believe the lots are going to be open at noon (except for the gray lot, obviously).

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