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i should think a tad before i post. that would only mean one instead of three in a row. anyway....i just remembered...when they put out Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses as a single, they put it out as a remix, not the original version. if you have the video dvd, you can hear that version on the video. I would LOVE to have that in my music collection. Please put on that one too!

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What I'd LIKE TO SEE: New, rare, and previously unreleased remixes.

What I DON'T WANT TO SEE: Remixes culled from the recently remastered albums' bonus discs.  Also, no remixes from the ACHTUNG-era "fruitleg" collections.

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Full disclosure, I prefer the darker dance sounds and beats of Zooropa, Pop and Achtung Y'all, so with that I hope we get some industrialized, crunk and sonic storm mixes of some of the most remix ready tracks:


* = known to exist, otherwise my wish list

*Alex Descends Into Hell For a Bottle of Milk (Fly non-LP b-side, written for Clockwork Orange play, precursor to Passengers)

*Desire (Hollywood Tonight remix) - love it and still do not own it

Love + Peace or Else ("All Flood!"-LMJ)

*EBN's (also known as karaoke) Numb video mix (with or without Edge)

* MOFO - fuzzed out version, less high hat, more bottom from PopMart DVD Tour montage

*I'm Not Your Baby (Skysplitter remix or Sinead version)

United Colors (Passengers)

Disko Tech (Achtung Y'all Kraftwerk, industrial crunky remix - hey, U2 morphed Neon Lights into COBL, so..if you took the name off the song, and the wah wahs, it would work, squelches sirens and all..)

Zooropa (More and Faster, Sasha of KMFDM?, they say Vertigo was in spanish and written about a German nightclub of the same name, so sing in tongues)

Fez/Being Born (Moroccan nights remix see also Eno/Byrne's Bush of Ghosts era'The Regiment')

Kingdom of Your Love (Rhapsody and Rapture, teach The World To Sing mix)

*Playboy Mansion - with choir (mentioned at U2 Conference)

Staring at the sun

Staring at the Sun muzak from bonus DVD



I Fully expect Crazy, Magnificent, Stuck, etc and the other singles like the version of Boots from the Pasadena or No Line iTunes preorder, but my feeling is the best (known) remixes are the audio bed for the tour movies. There was a Last Night on Earth video "First Night in Hell" (boat on the river) mix on PopMart DVD where audio and video is like slow-motion Cabaret Voltaire 8mm videoes, so get (Get Cabaret Voltaire's Richard H Kirk, see Colors, Sensoria, etc) and let him loose.



While we're on topic how about 2 discs where one offers each band member (and Eno, Lanois, Flood, Lillywhite etc)'s favorite mixing room floor outtakes versions or previously half-baked vetoed nuggets? Abbey Road, Bohemian Rhapsody, Paranoid Android and Residents' Commercial Album (40 songs each one minute long) and other medleys of short songs have been great complicated additions to catalogs, and a way to cram lots of good stuff into one song, now THAT's a remix.

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