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Absolute Radio: Vote for the review of U2 at Wembley!

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wink.gifHi everyone! Coldplaying.com here in peace! :)
A Coldplayer by the name of Dave Sheppard ('Kite' on our Coldplaying forums) recently wrote a review of U2 at Wembley and is our submission for the final of Absolute Radio's Live Stories online competition. As it is U2, we hope we can count on your votes to make Dave and U2 win the competition, thus winning a festival-themed radio show live on Absolute Radio.
Vote for Dave Sheppard at Absolute Radio here: http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/music/live/stories/final.html (sky blue option, 2nd from the top)
As a thankyou for U2 fans who vote for us, if we win Coldplaying will in return add some live U2 to our playlist so that you can enjoy the broadcast with us.
Many thanks for your support! :)
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