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Just as an aside....


Bono did say this is a personal album filled with personal stories. Maybe his energy was feeling a bit low and dark for a bit. Given everything he has beendoing, this might be worthwhile musical commentary to take note of.


Doesn't mean they can't still pull out and play those slay-you-in-the-heart-until-you-love-it-and-gnash-your-teeth songs at will, as well! :)


I love that the energy and joy is still there, and just fighting a bit to bubble back up to the surface--insistant, persistant, and ultimately triumphant.

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I am looking at the Letterman performances from the last nights....

You know, I do not see a lack of energy, but what I do see in the stage performance...in the stance and in the movement, is a comfort-level I do not recallseeing very often during hte Vertigo tour, which is the only tour I have seen. He does not seem to be so self-conscious...or flailing...or trying too hard.There is something very genuine about him, and genuine was not always something I was able to easily discern in him--sometimes I had to really dig and look forit--with a magnifying glass!


I like the energy of these songs, and I like his energy. It is mature, and confident without being cocky, and it is sexy.


I really have no complaints. :) Not that it would matter if I did!

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u2nadias wrote:

I totally disagree with you. Have you been watching Letterman? Bono's voice is so strong and his voice is so passionate. I can't believe they have had 3 perfect nights in a row. The band has been phenomenal and those there to see it live are so fortunate. U2 is a live band....if you look at Letterman show it will change your mind and you will look at the songs so differently. I can hardly wait to see them live to sing these songs!!!


listen to I´ll go crazy....

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I will try to express what I think about what you said but firt should warn you that I find extremely hard to talk about music as to me it's about how itmakes me feel.


You're right when you said that some of us think U2 can do no wrong. They're experienced enough to make bad music. I'm can accept that somedidn't like the Pop album, for instance, but one can't say it's not quality music. Some may not have liked that style only. That is all.


I'm more than happy to follow U2 during their music journey and to listen to their different styles. Wouldn't it be great if your favourite bandchanged their style all the time but also remained themselves (as opposed to sounding like another band)?


The very beginning of Moment of Surrender reminds me of Trying to Throw Your Arms around the world. The same applies to I'll Go Crazy and Miracle Drug. To me these similarities are a proof of the band "u2ness". They're similar but not the same as in a split of a second you listen to a new beat ortune.


I'm not disappointed with NLOTH in the slightest. I hope I can get to hear them live. The best thing you can do when you like a particular album is tolisten to it again and again. Life is about moving on. Nothing stays the same. If U2 sounded like they did in the 80s they wouldn't be considered thebiggest band in the world, would they? They'd be copycats of themselves. How boring it would be!

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