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Have U2 turned their back on Ireland?


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Allegedly there is a growing feeling amongst some of the Irish population that U2 have turned their back on what originally made them: their Irish fanbase.

The week before last they were in England promoting and generating interest in their latest offering - schmoozing the British public with interviews, appearingon a Culture Show Special, live performances on TV as well as Radio 1, Radio 2 and Jonathon Ross, topped off with a rooftop performance on Regent Street.

Some of the Irish press exclaimed disgust that the lads took over the major British Broadcasting Corporation - "why are they not doing it here, at CrokePark before the Ireland v England match" for example.
In this bleak time of recession "where are they when we need them to lift the gloom" claimed Brendan O'Connor in The Independent, as well as"they are short-sighted to have snubbed Ireland", describing them as "disloyal".

And then to add insult to injury, according to some quarters of the press, the band are now in America showing the general public what we have all missed thepast couple of years.

I personally don't believe they have turned their back on Ireland - they are only doing what any band do when promoting new material. Some of the Irishpress, like the world over, frustrate me as they like to build people up just to knock them down. My wife, who is Irish, would be one of the first to admitmany Irish are begrudgers...for me, they should be proud of U2, the bands achievments and the positive image they give of their homeland - to have had such anaffect on so many worldwide from different backgrounds is in itself pretty remarkable.

Sure, they could have appeared on The Clarence's rooftop - who knows, they still may do, but whatever happens I know I will be one of the majority who willwelcome them back to Dublin with open arms!

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