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Nobel peace prize To Barack Obama

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[quote name='Panth wrote:

Kristaps']Please enlighten me what has he done that secured him the prize?`


Well! What hasn't he done! Oh the things he's done!




1. Go around the world and apologize for America and let the world know that America sucks.

2. Promise hope.

3. Bailouts! Bailouts! Bailouts! Stimulus Package!

4. Put America into more debt to China.

5. Send more troops to Afghanistan!

6. Smile for photo Ops!

7. Lose the Olympics for Chicago!

8. Be the only black man to be President, even though we've had black judges, black senators, black congressmen,  and Condoleeza Rice who was an advisor to Bush but she don't count cuz Bush liked her, and Powell also an Advisor at one point before he quit.

9. Bailouts again!

10. Nothing! 

Congratulations Obama! You are awesome!



Seriously though Latvian, he hasn't done anything of any real substance.  But hey, he's American, there is not one American polititian that's of any real substance, as htey are all made of the same goo and money.




*adds in: 11. the art of using a teleprompter to say even a simple one sentence greeting!*
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From Yahoo news:

"Some around the world objected to the choice of Obama, who still oversees wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has launched deadly counter-terror strikes in Pakistan and Somalia"

i found it bizarre, also what about holding the world's largest nuclear arsnal? from where i'm sat there's been some steps in the rigt direction, but in terms of objectivity, i think it's too early?

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When was he actually nominated for this?  Someone said the due date for nominations was Feburary 1st.  If that's true that would have meant he would have only been in office for weeks at the time. Sorry but even if you are an Obama fan, you have to open your eyes and see how ridiculous this is.

Even if it was later, he has not actually done anything to deserve this honor and if he had an ounce of integrity he would respectfully decline and allow the committee to bestow it on someone who actually deserves it.

The prize itself has now become meaningless. A popularity contest rather than an actualy award for some type of real achievement. 

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