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Hi to all my new U2 friends that I met in Atlanta


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Here are some U2 names I met: pandagirl (and her mom and family), NorthBowman, sanid, JohnBrewer,mich40, pal40, hogaddict, tch269, and Aimee, a cute Italian couple (Simone), Curtis Lysaght,  Carthal McCarran (a man from Derry, Ireland, who wrote a book about his exploits following U2, called Me and U2,  and the others that were in the front of the GA line, near us.  I had said I was katieinkentucky there, but forgot I joined when I was still living in Tennessee.  So am katieintennessee.  I am editing my U2 pics, so be patient.  I'll put a link here after I put them on photobucket. It was so good to meet you all! And Tracy, thanks for the Advil, sure helped me all during the performance. And again the BBQ was wonderful. Thanks. So now am getting rested for my Vegas trip.  No GA line there, but is a good opportunity to get pictures of  the entire stage. So, take care everybody! Bye for now!



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