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Tampa GA line and ATL GA line: Night and Day


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Atlanta Georgia Dome did an excellent job with the GA entrance, but yesterday in Tampa was a complete disaster!! I got there at 3pm knowing that the heat index outside was 102 degrees, but had no idea of what was to come. Staff knew nothing about the location of "Dock A" (they pointed me in the wrong direction). The ticket scanner at the wristbanding station didn't know how to use his device, so asked some folks to walk half way around the stadium to confirm their tix (we refused and waited for someone with a clue). THEN there was no line...just 3 cattle corrals leading to a loading dock where at least 500 were crammed at 3:30 thinking that they would enter early (not). between the extreme heat and cramped conditions, several passed out. It was so tight that the ONE and AMNESTY workers could not even get in and sign people up. Also, no restrooms, no portolets (that I could see), and no one taking stuff back to cars (many just tossed thier chairs, umbrellas, tents, and coolers). Thank goodness that once we got in, it turned into a nice evening and GREAT show...but the entrance was a nightmare. Some kept a sense of humor which made it bearable. U2 management should set strict guidelines for venues and GA lines.

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