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Still no help on the horizon


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Well from what I can see in the problem threads. Still many fans having problems logging on and accessing their accounts.


Really, by this time, U2.Com should have just brought the site down, work on the problems and relaunched.

(Of course they should have tested the site before launching to begin with.)


It's now been almost two weeks, still many of the same problems.


My problem is with my password. Site won't recognize my old one, so I reset. But site won't remember the new one.

There for I can't log on and renew. With only less than two day left on extended renewal, I'm not sure things will be solved.


Bajagirl and the other moderator, I know you are doing all you can to help us, in fact you too have had some problems. Thank you for all your help andpatience.


And I'm sure that U2.com are working their tails off trying to fix things. But really, you should have tested the site.

Shame on you for not anticipating problems.


Good luck to us all.



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