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New fan: Where Do I Start?


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Hi everyone :)

So as the title says I'm a newly converted fan. 

I 've been a causual listener for years but I won tix to their show for last Fri. (Tampa)

and I'm hooked now.  

But now I have 30 years worth of music to sort through & thats daunting.

I already have their Greatest Hits from 1980-1990 & 3 songs from NLOTH.

Some of my faves are : Sunday Bloody Sunday, All I Want Is You, Breathe, With Or With Out You

Normally I'd just buy all the albums the artist has out but its alot in this case.

What other albums are must haves?


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The only individual albums I have are ATYCLB and NLOTH. To me, ATYCLB is a must-have: it includes Beautiful Day, Walk On, Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of, Elevation, and Kite.

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I started listening to U2 in 1992-3 and started with Joshua Tree and Rattle & Hum. However, then realising that both albums were, frankly Bloody Amazing, I then went out and bought the entire back catalogue. 


You'll find, as you get to know their music better, that each album is, if you like, a flag or marker of their career to date. with that in mind you might say that all their albums are 'Must Haves'. But that probably doesn't help you right now, does it?


I would probably go for something like this,

Must have straight away:- Joshua Tree, R&H, Achtung Baby, War(Listen to Edge singing Seconds (It's Great)), NLOTH.


Interesting Albums that WILL blow you away a little later:- Unforgettable Fire, October, Zooropa, All That You Can't Leave Behind, POP


Excellent Albums with Great Songs:- Boy (always interesting because it was the first album), How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb


Also U2 have done some great 'stand alone' songs that you can listen to through the U2 player or on the Greatest Hits. In particular, may I recommend, Always, Summer Rain, A Room at The Heartbreak Hotel, Hallelujah! Here She Comes, Lady With The Spinning Head, Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad.


Hope that helps, Its there to enjoy. That said, there is nothing in life as subjective as an individual's taste in music. you may disagree with everything I've said

With Regards 

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Hi Floridita, nice to see that someone got hooked by the guys during this tour, too :D


I think a good way to start would be the two Greatest hits 1980-1990 (which you already have ;) ) and 1990-2000 (U2 18 singles leaves too much off) . And if you have a friend who's fan or you find a bargain I really recommend you to get a live DVD - Red Rocks for the early days, Popmart live from Mexico city or ZOOTV live from Sydney (this one is maybe the most "difficult"-and intriguing) for the 90es. I know that also the Elevation Live from Boston is a good one.


Must haves? It depends on you :) For example I love the "early U2" of WAR, Boy and October... The best way is ask a friend and listen to them, you'll slowly find your favourite period...


(go and check play.com anyway, they have some serious bargains on DVDs and deluxe editions, like the Joshua Tree box)

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What an exciting way to become a fan! You'll always remember when you first fell in love ;)


It's hard to say which is the best way to go in learning the back catalogue. All I can say for sure is: expect it to take a while. That's a LOT of music, and it all takes time to fully appreciate.


I did it sort of randomly...my first favorites were spread out over different eras/albums. Some were 'hits', some were not, some were b-sides. So I would say, just explore and let it fall into place. But if you are looking to specifically start with some albums, I have to say The Joshua Tree is a must. There is a reason why everyone goes on about it. Also, I would suggest War, Achtung Baby, and I guess NLOTH since it's the newest(and awesomely great!)...a broad sample of different time periods. That way you can sort of figure out what sound you like best and go from there. Someone else said that you will develop your favorite 'era'...the earliest stuff is my favorite, but as much as I love Boy and October, I'm not sure if I would reccomend starting there.


Unless...I've always thought this might be interesting...you wanted to go chronologically. People who have been following the band from the beginning did it this way by default!


Anyway, welcome to this lovely world, and have fun exploring!!

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Hi Floridita727, Welcome to the Zoo!


A must have...before you get ANYTHING else, you must get The Unforgettable Fire. That will TRULY make you fall in love. :)


The older stuff is FANTASTIC..Boy, War, October...all worth getting. If you don't have Actung Baby yet...GO OUT and buy it along with the Joshua Tree :)


I would get Zooropa and Pop after that.


The later stuff...although there are some great songs...eh...those can wait a lil bit.


Happy buying!!!!

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