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Favorite Horror Movies!!


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  I was watching one of my favorite horror films of all time called "The Amityville Horror" (Original version), and wanted to know what you other U2 fans favorite scarey films are.

  As for me my list includes :

  Amityville Horror

  The Shining


  The Silver Bullet

  American Werewolf in London


  Friday The 13TH.


Enough about me, what are your favorite Horror films?

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Halloween (the first one)....very little blood, full of suspense....a work of art and can still watch it and be at the edge of my seat.

First on my list for the same reason.

The Excorcist without a doubt.

back when Nightmare on Elm Street came out I found it scary..now it would probably seem funny, have to try watching it again.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

missing a few..hmmmm
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I love horror flicks ... I became obssessed with the wonderful world of Hammer Horror and similar 60's/70's UK genre - Dracula, Twins Of Evil, The Devil Rides Out, The Reptile, Plague Of The Zombies etc. I also love the old anthology horrors like Dr Terrors House of Horror and the Hammer Horror TV series. The nastier stuff that followed in 1970s was also great - Friday 13th, Halloween, Exorcist, Chainsaw Masscare and all it's many imitators. In the UK the video nasty era was a glorious time but also a terrible time as the censors went barmy. Still hold fond memories of a grainy Zombie Flesh Eaters bootleg tape!!!! Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, George Romero ... glory days! I could talk all night on this subject!

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People keep telling me to watch REC...has anyone seen it?

Now the second part is coming and I still havent seen the first one,

it surprises me cuz the people who told me to watch it are very hmm how can I say it?

they don't get scared that easily.

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Also, anything by Michael Moore....LOL.....There is better health care in Cuba then the US....sure, thats why people die in home-made boats to try and get to Miami and not the other way around....


But seriously, add Jaws too....almost never see the shark....seen a million times and still at the edge of my seats....

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