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MODERATORS - I need some help


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me too!! wtf!!


I am not sure what has happened, but I usually have it set on my browser to keep me logged in for 2 weeks thing, etc. I did not log out at all. Today, I went to log in after work just now and saw on the top of the screen that i was not logged in as me "thefungusamongus", but someone else's called "nscosta who is NOT me". upon looking at the profile, it says they joined and last logged in yesterday, but no posts. why would this show up on MY screen when i went to access the u2.com site?

also, i was in the past using 'thefungusamongus', that was banned a couple years ago, and i used 'theeyeball' as a name. then with the new site i was able to use fungusamongus again. but now they have it where both names are under the one login thing as sonicfungus98 to which i use to LOG IN, not my screen name. so, is there some weird cookie/IP thing wrong with the site to which maybe an admin was doing some adjustment and accidentally linked me with this other person, to which is NOT me? i am NOT nscosta. this is not an alias. nor did i ever attempt to create another account on here or do ANY alteration or update of my profile information.



proof. my net i use is COX internet.. in tulsa, OK..

we also have FireFox, but i never use that. not sure what my IP number is, but im sure you can easily check that out.


im wondering if perhaps there was some weird hacking or something.



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