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If you're having trouble with the new album


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Hey there


Well I know I gave the album a pretty good review on here a couple of weeks back, but I acknowledge a lot of that was my general excitement about the blessedthing finally being released after all this time. Now after fully digesting it and having read the lyrics (some of which I think are the laziest and worstBono has written), I have reduced my rating of the album from 4.25/5 down to 3.5/5.


There have been a number of irritances emerging that I'm not comfortable with and I'm starting to feel that this album doesn't have the longevityof previous ones. This has really been worrying me because I don't want to feel this way about the album. Today I decided to change the tracklistingorder and I think the songs sound better if played in the order below. I dunno - see what you think - it may help you approach the album in a different way ifyou're struggling with it.




Stand up comedy

Get on your boots

Unknown caller


I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight

White as snow

FEZ - Being born

No line on the horizon (alternative version)


Moment of Surrender

Cedars of Lebanon


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I think I may be feeling similar to you, but it's still to early to know. One thing I can tell you is that Breathe and I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go

Crazy Tonight were much better live on Letterman then they are on the albums. Also I think that I will continue to like Moment of Surrender.

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I haven't seen the Letterman performances yet - the show's on too late at night here in Australia and I couldn't be bothered staying up for itbecause I find it really tedious and boring. I'll see if I can find the performances on YouTube.


I don't doubt for one second that the new songs will be heaps better performed live - they usually are!! I'm looking forward to the tour.

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nightrin1340 wrote:

Osiris33 wrote:


Looks like the album is tanking.

they have to uderstand we are no stupid, we love good music (and they used to play wonderful music), cmon U2 please don't be another megaband who sucks their own fan


Also people are tighter with their money now compared to 4 years ago.


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Looks like the album is tanking.


My but your analysis is selective, Ossiris. You clearly have been hanging around just waiting for an opportunity to say "SEE! I told you! The albumsucks!" which is what you have been saying since day one.


That review hardly paints the picture of a "tanking" album. It may not have as brisk a sales as Vertigo, but there are other issues at play thistime around (economy, release time, etc...) and an estimated 400-500,000 copies a week is still not shabby. Quick, do the math...how many weeks to get to 9million at that rate?


And what is it being compared to? Are there any other releases out there blowing this album out of the water?


The writer of that piece did not conclude the album is "tanking." You did. He attributed to it a "luke-warm" reception--compared to theVertigo sales. He also focused largely on the Boots single as a harbinger of the whole album's reception. But based on everything I am reading, thealbum as a whole is being much more readily received than the single.


Intellectual integrity is a very fine trait to develop in oneself, if at all possible, Ossiris.


(God I hate the black background of this paid member forum....the free side is much much nicer visually.)

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