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Need help with a ride on Saturday in LA, anyone?


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hello people... i got a LA GA om the Arizona GA Line!!! woohoo.


Got hotel taken care of, staying alone on Saturday an friends staying on Sunday after show.


One problem tho, i'm disabled and i don't drive an taxi's/supershuttle too expensive. Can anyone help me out with a ride on Saturday between 11-1 from Burbank Airport to the Rose Bowl to buy a parking pass, Saturday is the last day to do that by 6pm and after i get pass i'd want to go to my hotel, Hampton Inn on 311 E Huntington Dr. i'd chip in for gas. i need parking pass so i can use my disabled parking on Sunday so my friend doesn't have to park far away when he comes on Sunday.


I'm good on Sunday for getting to (i think) and from the show (for sure..)


Any help would be appreciated here!!!


jesse at u2.com

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