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As we all know, this is perhaps my favorite song, and this song is epic in so many ways and so mystical and so enigmatic.... its in a world of its own...

The fact that they are playing it this tour... and the fact that they even made it a staple of this tour... made bono a light suit to actually fit with the song, and the fact they actually played it on Saturday Night Live.... surprises me and i find it great and awesome that they are doing it. You all remember back last tour our ramblings for them to play it live again and all of the love we put out for the song. I kinda wonder if maybe the band was indeed reading these boards, lmao. who knows...
i never ever imagined that the next tour would be showcasing it the way its been for this tour.

out of all songs, they chose the very loved ultraviolet. :)
(thankyou, u2 :))

they DID do a snippet of it in philly in may 2005... may 22nd? after beautiful day... after tattoo dan came up on stage with his UV lyrics on his back... but....

something is very cool about this.

has the band said anything as to why they really brought it back to the setlist and why its been given such a strong position in their show for this tour? im not complaining at all, at all. hehe. 

im VERY beyond happy about it. hehehe. 

 mkokoillkj,  (sorry panth took over the keyboard right then, lmao)

back to where i was atkm, nhjkmbuyhjnk  (there he went again, lol)

agIAN again


where was i? lmao

i forgot what i was even typing, lmao.

but yeah, just really pleased with all of the love its being given and finally FINALLY SEEING IT LIVE.. for the very first time and experiencing it and the magic... i'll never forget. i fucking..love..that... song. :)

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I'm pleased that you are pleased :-) Watching the rose bowl show, it kind of clicked that the No Line, UF, and especially the Achtung Baby songs go very well together. I'm thinking U2 doing Ultraviolet is kind of like answering Crazy, by going crazy. Now, if we could just convince them to do Lady w/ the spinning head.

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oh.. my.. god.. if they did lady with the spinning head.. i'd probably explode. hehehe thatd be so fucking awesome if they did that song. hehehe. yes i obviously like that song.


though, i'd think itd be rather hard to pull off live, but oh well.. i donttdcfhdf (damn panth attacking my keyboard)

i dont care what it sounded like... itd be cool any way. :-P

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