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u2 cancel downunder plans?

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I'll wait till the official closing of the tour before giving up hope. I was lucky to catch them in New Jersey recently but would love to see a few shows on home soil.

My guess is it all depends on the release of Song's of Ascent. If its unleashed in 2010 then I think we may see them in Jan, Feb or Mar 2011. If the album is not released until 2011 which is still possible, then I think it will be more likely the end of 2011 which would be a similar scenario that was the ZooTV tour with Achtung and Zooropa releases.

I think from about half way through February the AFL start the NAB Cup, which would make it difficult to use the stadiums.

We went to one of  the New Jersey shows also (as well as Foxboro) it was a blast. 

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