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New setlist for 2010?


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Oh god, Miracle Drug? That pretentious piece of crap? No offense to you, I just dislike that entire album. The less HTDAAB they have in the show the better. In fact, drop Vertigo and play Gloria instead. COBL is good, probably because it originated from the Pop sessions.

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This is the setlist I'd pay to go see them play. This would also see them playing a song from every album.


1. Magnificent

2. Gloria

3. No Line on the Horizon (alternative version)

4. Mysterious Ways

5. Who's Gonna Ride your wild horses? or Ultra Violet

6. Beautiful Day

7. Get on your boots

8. One

9. New Years Day

10. October or Tomorrow

11. Breathe

12. Vertigo

13. Mofo or Discotheque

14. Stay

15. Sunday Bloody Sunday

16. Bad

17. Pride

18. Where the streets have no name


Encore (Fez-Being Born played over PA with accompanying visuals)


20. Out of Control or The Electric Co

21. Elevation

22. All I want is you

Yeah, but only 4 new songs?

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1. Breathe


3. Boots

4. Magnificent

5. Beautiful Day

6. Your Blue Room/Electrical Storm

7. Still Haven't Found

8. Stay/First Time/ Staring At The Sun

9. Desire (electric, none of that acoustic BS)/Angel of Harlem/Silver and Gold

10. Unknown Caller

11. Unforgettable Fire

12. COBL

13. Vertigo

14. Crazy Tonight

15. Cedars of Lebanon

16. Please

17. Streets

18. Walk on


19. One

20. Fez


21. Ultraviolet

22. Window in the Skies

23. Moment of Surrender



Dropped the pandering ATYCLB crap, and added more new stuff. Cedars fits better with Iran than SBS.

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1. breathe

2. i will follow

3. vertigo/stories for boys snippet

4. get on your boots

5. mysterious ways

6. electrical storm

7. still havent found

8. no line (album version is just fine)

9. until the end of the world

10. unknown caller

11. magnificent

12. beautiful day/in gods country snippet

13. the unforgettable fire (DEFFO STAYER!)


15. sunday bloody sunday

16. october snippet/new year's day

17. pride

18. moment of surrender




19. STREETS! (as an encore? too fucking right!) 40 snippet

20. BAD (you know you will cream your pants if this was the case!)

21. ultraviolet




22. ZOO STATION (come on my son!)

23. THE FLY (oh yeah, achtung time!)

24. walk on

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1. Breathe
2. No line on the horizon
3. Last night on earth
4. Even better than the real thing or Until the end of the world
5. Beautiful Day
6. Electric Co.
7. A day without me
8. When I look at the world or One step closer
9. Promenade or October
10. Get on your boots
11. Gone
12. Dirty Day or The Fly
13. Mercy
14. Tryin' to throw your arms around the world & All I want is you (snippet)
15. Where the streets have no name
16. New Year's Day or Sunday bloody sunday
17. Your blue room or Electrical storm
18. Ultra Violet or Mysterious Ways
19. Unknown Caller


20. Vertigo
21. Fez-being born
22. Magnificent or I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight (studio version)
23. Acrobat
24. Winter
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1 Breath

2 Out Of Control

3 Get On Your Boots

4 No Line On The Horizon

5 Even Better Than The Real Thing

6 Mysterious Ways (and play that bloody solo Edge!)

7 Beautiful Day

8 One

9 A Sort Of Homecoming

10 Desire

11 Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

12 Unforgetable Fire

13 City Of Blinding Lights

14 Vertigo/ Stories for Boys

15 I Go Crazy Remix into

16 Mofo ( I say double the doof doof)

17 Elevation

18 Electric Co

19 Unkown Caller

20 With Or Without You


21 Ultra Violet

22 I Will Follow

23 Where The Streets Have No Name

24 40

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