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New setlist for 2010?


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With 'Songs of Ascent' in mind.


1. Breathe

2. Boots

3. Magnificent

4. Mysterious Ways or God II

5. Still Haven't Found/Stand By Me (crowd sing-along)

6. I'll Go Crazy (Album version)

7. New Song

8. Seconds or Drowning Man (acoutic part)

9. Until the End of the World

10. The Unforgettable Fire (stay due to the HD screen)

11. City of Blinding Lights (stay due to the HD screen)

12. Vertigo

13. Mofo (Remix) (Larry on djembe)

14. New Song

15. Sunday Bloody Sunday or Gloria

16. New Song

17. One

18. Streets

19. Bad or Moment of Surrender


Encore: Fez-Being Born (played over the P.A.)


20. HMTMKMKM or Zooropa

21. Ultraviolet (w/hanging mic)

22. With or Without You or White as Snow (w/hanging mic)

23. New Song

24. Beautiful Day (w/Celtic intro)

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I love the 2009 setlist and was especially happy that they played Ultraviolet. I'm hoping that for 2010 they would play some songs from Pop -- Discotheque, Staring at the Sun, Please, or Lemon would be awesome. I think it would also be great if they finally performed Drowning Man and if they played Electrical Storm more often. I'm also hoping that they would play the album version of Crazy Tonight and not the remix.

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at http://www.u2gigs.com/ you can find every gig they've played with all the songs & snippets.  You can also search for a song, see how many times it has been played or snippeted and where/when they played it.  You can also make a statistic of the shows you've been to to get an overview of the songs you've seen them play.

I know this is about the past whereas the subject of this thread is about the future, but I think it's an interestin link nevertheless.

Grtz, Jessika

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Just play a little more from pre-Joshua tree. There were only two pre-JT songs at the DC and Raleigh concerts I attended -- Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Year's Day -- and we were some of the lucky American shows that included New year's Day... I like the idea of trying to add a song from each studio album. This would please the fans of Pop (not me) and please people like me who would like to hear at least SOMETHING from Boy and October.


I am not going to attempt a setlist -- would like to hear things I've not heard live before (BAD! One Tree Hill, anything from October). I heard Electric Co, Party Girl and I Will Follow on the Vertigo tour, so I would vote for An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart or Out of Control from Boy and I would vote for Drowning Man from War. I'd be quite happy to leave out some old standbys from JTree (not Streets though) and add Red Hill Mining Town... ok, I am in a fantasy world now.tongue.gif

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1. breathe

2. i will follow

3. vertigo/stories for boys snippet

4. get on your boots

5. mysterious ways

6. electrical storm

7. still havent found

8. no line (album version is just fine)

9. until the end of the world

10. unknown caller

11. magnificent

12. beautiful day/in gods country snippet

13. the unforgettable fire (DEFFO STAYER!)


15. sunday bloody sunday

16. october snippet/new year's day

17. pride

18. moment of surrender




19. STREETS! (as an encore? too fucking right!) 40 snippet

20. BAD (you know you will cream your pants if this was the case!)

21. ultraviolet




22. ZOO STATION (come on my son!)

23. THE FLY (oh yeah, achtung time!)

24. walk on

I love this setlist! The only change I would make would be to get rid of the 40 snippet at the end of Streets and put the full version of 40 after Walk On. I think 40 needs to be put back in, and the only place it truly belongs is at the end, as the closer. For me, the show is not really complete without that song.
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Here is the set list I would like to see


1. Breathe


3. Magnificent

4.Beautiful Day

5. Desire

6. Bullet the blue sky

7. One


9. Pride


11. Two hearts beat as one

12. I will follow

13. Where the streets have no name

14. October

15. Moment of Surrender

16. Elevation

17. Still haven't found what I am looking for

18. City of blinding lights

19. Crazy

20. Bad


21. Walk on

22. Knocking on heavens door



I realize that this will change upon the release of the new material, but can work in those songs as needed.


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I am surprised that there's is so little push for material from Boy to Atchung.  Besides the songs that they MUST sing for ALL fans from these albums, as well as their heavy play of ATYCLB and new stuff (I'm surprised that HTDAAB got so little play - although five years from now when they tour again I am sure you will hear some other songs from it, it was a very successful album for them) I wish that they would dig in and play stuff like Two Hearts Beat As One, Gloria, 11 O'clock Tick Tock, Party Girl, God Part II, Red Hill Mining Town, One Tree Hill, etc...Wouldn't it be great if they just blew things up and half the set was made up of second tier popular songs.  It wouldn't kill me to go a show without One, WOWY, ISHFWILF, Beautiful Day, Vertigo... there's a lot of great stuff that they just don't play...hell I'm dating myself, but play Under A Blood Red Sky, throw in Bad, some Joshua Tree- Hum- Atchung and a little of the rest of the albums and I am happy...I know it can't happen, they have to please everyone, I was very happy to hear Stay and Bad and Ultraviolet this tour and very excited about Unforgettable Fire...although Bono changes the best part of the song unfortunately, I guess to fit fit his voice now.

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