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Zoo Christmas Card Exchange


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Hi! Please count me in too. I'd asked elsewhere at the Zoo but hadn't heard about any activity. I'm glad to see all of you are interested in doing the Christmas Card Exchange too.


For the newcomers: welcome to the Zoo Christmas Card Exchange centre! In case you're wondering, any type of card is welcomed whether bought [e.g. charitable ones] or homemade [Zoo themed or not]. If you've got youngsters, perhaps you could make it a family project; addressing the envelopes and putting on the postage can be quite time-consuming if you're doing it alone. Plus, folks sometimes include a little gift [usually Zoo themed photos, jewelry, etc.] along with their card.


Does anyone have photos of previous years' cards that could be posted here so folks can get a better idea of what we're talking about?


Looking forward to receiving your cards. Cheers!


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I posted this on the other thread too!

I couldn't locate my actual listing from the last few years because I'm on a new laptop this year and I guess that didn't come over, but I do recall Feathers asking for an email from anyone interested with the following information:



Full name & postal address (including Country

Favorite Band Member

Favorite U2 Album


There was NO max on the # of cards to send.  She always said to send what you could afford to send....no one was ever expected to hit everyone on the list.  (2008 list was actually a little smaller then 2007 if I recall correctly. I think there were (approx) 75 wheres as 2007 had more than 100). 


Feathers recommended (in fairness) that when the list was published that you 'start' with the person below you and go from there (this way the first 'x' of the folks on the list wouldn't reap all the cards....LOL)


Lastly....a separate thread was started to track 'changes' or corrections to the original.  Folks could go there specifically to see if there were any updated address changes before putting their cards out in the mail (if possible)


Oh....and a Zoo Card Exchange Thank You Thread was setup too!


I can assist / offer any advice on this too.  Unfortuantely I can't run it completely because my work schedule is insane right now and it's only going to get worse in the next couple of months.  I'm unable to get on my personal computer everyday so I wouldn't be able tto give this the attention it would need (especially at the start)......


BUT....I am interested in joining again.  I've always hung the cards in my office every year and passerbys are always amazed at the creative minds in this group.


I know there's another thread going on this too. Has an email address been provided yet to submit information to?




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[quote name='Bajagirl wrote:

ceallach67 wrote:

Annette Smith']I would like to know how it works.

A Zootopian who goes by the user name Feathers has been putting this whole thing together for a few years now.  She requests the names by email of all of those who want to participate in the exchange and you submit your name and mailing address to her.  She compiles all the names and distributes the list by email to all who want to participate.  Then you send Christmas cards out to the folks on the list and they in turn do the same.  You end up getting Christmas Cards from Zootopians all over the world.  It's a lot of fun and very cool. 

What she said!! :o)


We dont start collating names till Thanksgiving, so hold your horses

Well.... Thanksgiving was October 12 !!


sooooo your late EH?


hee hee hee I couldnt resist, just kidding, Canada its earlier  tongue.gif


Hey count me in on this card exchange, Im a Christmas Card fan.

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Yup, i've done it too for quite a few years and it's such a  blast. All the cards are so creative and it's nice receiving something fab instead of the boring mail we all get.


I just send to as many or as few as I like........I normally send out around 40 but, as far as I remember, there are no rules. Just send to as many people as you want.


Bring it on................


Liverpool Lizsmokin.gif

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it really is great to get cards from all over the place. I still have the cards from the very first year that it was done. The first year that it was done they were in concert so it was really cool to get peoples pictures that they took at the concerts along with the cards. So sign me up!!!!

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