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Controversy over U2's wall gig!


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Controversy over U2's Berlin wall

A U2show marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall hasrun into controversy - after organisers built a wall around the venue.

BBC,November 05, 2009

By: Rodrigo Davies


A two metre barrier has been erected around the Brandenburg gate to keep out people without tickets for the show.

"This has created a lot of outrage here because the falling of thewall was supposed to bring people together," said BBC reporter DamienMcGuinness.

The U2 show is part of the MTV Europe Music Awards, which take place later.

Ten thousand tickets were given away free online and snapped up within hours.

Now police in the city say they're expecting as many as 100,000people to descend on the square in front of the Brandenburg gate to tryand catch a glimpse of U2.

"It is a big event, one that I am very pleased about. It would benice if as many Berliners as possible could take part," Frank Henkel,Christian Democrat floor leader in the Berlin city-state parliament,was quoted as saying in the daily Berliner Morgenpost.

"It would be great if the organizers would avoid barriers of any kind."

McGuinness said Berliners think it is "pretty ironic" that an eventto mark the falling of the wall has resulted in another one beingconstructed.

Berlin politicians dissuaded US President Barack Obama from visitingthe city as part of the celebrations, for fear his security operationwould require several main roads be blocked off.

It is now feared road blocking will be necessary to accommodate U2's fans.

Calls to representatives of U2 and MTV seeking comment have not yet been returned.


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As Bigwave and other people who were attending the concert said, in the end everyone was free to watch (and even to get in), they removed the wall... But journalists don't have time to verify facts -__-;


I still wonder if they wanted to remove it from the beginning or if they decided to take it away after the protests...

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