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What is your favorite song on NLOTH?


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I can't stop listening to "White as Snow." Besides that, I really enjoy Unknown caller and the guitar solo to take the song out. But I really

enjoy the whole album, I think this might be one of their best.

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Strange how we're all different...


I'd rank the album like this...


Unknown Caller


White As Snow

Moment of Surrender

Crazy Tonight (as i guess we'll call it eventually!)

Breathe (great chorus, don't like convoluted lyrics of verses)

No Line On the HOrizon


Cedars of Lebanon

Stand Up Comedy (makes me cringe)

Get on your boots (great bass and drums, but awful song)

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MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!! Having a hard time even getting past it! The intro with the keyboards blew me away...then the arrangement of the whole song...then when Istarted taking in the lyrics, WOW...one line in particular hit me like a ton of bricks for very personal reasons. Even a certain friend of mine, who usuallylistens to only Contemporary Christian music, saw the guys perform it on Letterman and went on and on about how "beautiful" ythe song is. I will beplaying it from the CD for my friend, first chance I get. With my newly-installed surround sound on!


Love the title song as well.

Still taking in the whole CD, slowly sinking in with headphones whenever possible.

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I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight !! For the moment that's the song I like damned much!! It sounds very traditionally U2!! Beautifulguitars!! Love Bono's voice there too. The new album is very experimental so I have to get used to some of the others like magnificent, white as snow,breathe ... But after all I'm sure I'll be fond of them all within a little while image


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