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What is your favorite song on NLOTH?


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"I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight"


A soaring chorus and supersonic bridge with lyrics recognizing life's dark and difficult places while encouraging the listener to keep moving forward withconfidence. "Baby, baby, baby. I know I'm not alone."

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What a GREAT album. It's hard to tell how these songs will hold up with time and how much I'm getting caught up in the joy of discovery. However,collectively and individually the collection of songs are stunning upon the first few weeks of listening.


Ok, my attempt to rank my favorite NLOTH songs (admittedly, a fluid list right now)


1) Moment of Surrender (When does 7 minutes plus of music feel far too quick, when you have your "moment of surrender.")

2) Magnificent (One of the most spiritually uplifting songs I've heard from U2 which is saying a LOT)

3) No Line On The Horizon

4) White As Snow (Does anyone else hear the melody of O Come, O Come Emannuel fused with the original music written for the song?)

5) Get On Your Boots (seems a bit maligned by some fans but I like the optimistic, defiant propulsive energy and the typically, great metaphorical Bonolyrics).

6) I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

7) Stand Up Comedy (Great groove. Looking forward to seeing it live)

8) Breathe

9) Cedars Of Lebanon (The world weary sound of Bono's voice sounds great.)

10) Unknown Caller

11) Fez: Being Born (Love the musical "collage" that opens the song. Reminds of some of the production done on the "Love" album by GeorgeMartin re-mixing and "mashing up" Beatles' classics).


Not a song on the whole long album I don't like. There are more moments of experimentation on this album than anything since at least "Pop,"perhaps more, if more subtle.

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