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What is your favorite song on NLOTH?


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Magnificent seems to be the most popular


If I would have to rank the album from the most to the least favourite song my list would be:


1- Moment of surrender

2- Magnificent

3- Fez-Being Born

4- Breathe

5- White as snow

6- No line on the horizon

7- Unknown caller

8- l'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight

9- Stand up comedy

10- Get on your boots

11- Cedars of Lebanon

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I'm going to make a list(and comment) like some people did here.


Whatever the rankings, doesn't mean I don't love the song any less.


1. Magnificent( maybe the best U2 ever..)

2. No Line On The Horizon(it's very excitable, it's music & lyrics and the way Bono sings it)

3. Unknown Caller(the lryics are so out there and different, and the music makes it even better)

4. Get On Your Boots(the upbeatness and the lyrics)

5. Fez(Being Born) the music is awesome, it's genius

6. I'll Go Crazy, If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight(I just like it a lot)

7. Breathe (inspiring, you don't need anything, just breathe, you have love)

8. Moment Of Surrender(it's a rock hymn)

9. White As Snow(awesome chill guitar song)

10. Stand Up Comedy(soul rockin funky song)

11. Cedars Of Lebanon(the very quiet, story-telling song)

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My ranking. The first 10 are absolutelly perfects to me.


1. Magnificent (Maybe the best U2 song ever...one of the most beautiful songs of exaltation to God that I ever heard)

2. Unknown Caller (Maybe the best U2 song ever too...)

3. No Line On The Horizon (A voyage to the infinity.)

4. White As Snow (Amazing grace)

5. Breathe (Grace. Again.)

6. FEZ-Being Born (The most creative)

7. Crazy Tonight (The most funny)

8. Moment of Surrender (The most emotional)

9. Get On Your Boots (The most electrical)

10. Cedars of Lebanon (The most serious)

11. Stand Up Comedy (The less)

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I don't think I've loved a song as much as ONE until I heard Moment Of Surender. I've been a fan of U2 for 20 years now and I love most of what

the've put out...but from this album Moment Of Surender is by far the best track!

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