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Apollo Missions


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So, I have to write this paper about anything American (cuisine, the flag, POTUS, whatever else), and the topic I've chosen is about Apollo Missions.


Maybe you could share with me how you feel about the missions, did you watch them on TV? Maybe you know some great quotes? How was it to watch them on the telly? Maybe you didn't watch them and weren't even alive then, but you still have something to say?


Like  - whatever comes to your mind regarding the missions is welcome :)



The theme of the work, I think (LOL) is the incredible will and inpiration to send a man to the moon in just one decade from JFK's speech to Neil's famous words, the know-how that was put into this how thing to make it a dream-come-true.

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I grew up with Project Apollo.  My dad worked at North American Aviation, which built both the second stage of the Saturn V launch vehicle and the Command Module.  My dad worked on the second stage, as a subcontract negotiator.  He bought the cameras that took the famous pictures of the first stage of the Saturn V separating and falling away from the second stage.  My dad said that they had cameras taking pictures of camera in flight.  He bought 10 pieces of rubber tubing from Goodyear for ten million dollars.  That may seem like a lot, but you need to consider all the research and development that needed to be done for just 10 pieces...


America put men on the moon for 5 billion a year  in 1960's dollars...


I was working at the Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors ice cream parlor in Burbank, CA when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon for the first time.  I think my boss brought a black and white television for us to watch it...


People might think that it was a waste of money, but it put food on my table.  It caused industry to push the envelope on technology and many of the devices that are so commonplace today would not exist if that effort had not been made.  Though it can be argued that the race for the moon was for military reasons, one of the last uses of the Apollo system was for the Apollo-Soyuz mission, where American astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts peacefully rendevouzed in earth orbit, in the middle of the Cold War...

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