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Poll: bonus CD + DVD wishes


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The ZooTV, PopMart, even The Best of 1990-2000 and HTDAB's making of DVD all had great bonus discs in deluxe editions.  I hope they get back to adding value versus surveillance cams, making of, and audio versions rank in order of preference, and yes, I am including CD and DVD options in one poll. The message board community seems to be rabid during the tour and sleepy lately:

  1. B-Sides (original versions of songs available on EPs, soundtracks, benefits, tributes, etc)
  2. DVD (best of the tour, versus from one city or show OR
  3. DVD live versions but only songs yet unreleased live, so no SBS, WOWY, etc)
  4. Demos (not my favorite)
  5. Remixes (rare, unreleased, preferably songs not previously remixed officially)

NOTE: I'm trying to jumpstart the concept, get folks to weigh in . Piracy is not part of this thread, so if you scour the internet and own all of the Fruitlegs, it doesn't factor in as far as I'm concerned.  THANK YOU

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I think the Linear was a great DVD to have.


1. Please review it

2. I'm pining for the ZooTV footage never released but developed but unreleased satelite TV channel and cable TV programme, perhaps in 2011 oer 12 :0(

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