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Marriage , separated or divorced


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But God does not kill others  , thats not one of his mysterious ways , please dont insult love like that, its obvious she was sick , and God is understanding to all and not partial after all he created all life , not for the purpose of waste as people think , its how people can destroy that life by the way it is raised or disturbed which produces a rotten flower not necessarily her fault , she could have secrets nobody knows...... She simply was at the wrong place , and at the wrong time.......To understand that is to be crazy , I know , but evil does lurk in the world and affects us all in different ways and has seemed to get the more technical and misunderstanding approach............Believe it or not she will get her second chance when she is raised by God , and by then all her sickness and problems will not be called to mind , she will be as you could call it , perfect.........Isaih 65;17



1 John 4;8 He that does not love has not come to know God , because God is love.....

James 1;13.......


123Love, it wasn't I who said that God killed her.  Without disrespecting the other user, I think it is easy to think that the term "what you sow is what you reap" can be interpreted as an act of God.  I don't believe that she died because of her treatment of me.  "Time and unforeseen occurrence" affects us all.  She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If she didn't plan to kill me, she may still be alive.... so what she sowed, she reaped. 
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BAndcompletly - respect for being so open and honest about your abuse. It is hard for anyone to stand up and tell people what has happened, but doubly hard for a man, because as you said noone believes that a woman could do this. I'm so glad to hear that you are now happy with life and have a good job too. May your life continue to be good.

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When you're in love

You know you're in love

No matter what you try to do

You might as well resign yourself

To what you're going through

If you're a hard man or if you're a child

It still might get to you

Don't kid yourself you've seen it all before

A million mouths have said that too

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Bandcompletely ... thumbs up for you telling us your story here !

Abuse is definately very difficult to alk about and especially when a man is the abused.

I'm glad to hear/read that you're living life to the fullest now, doing the things you love !

{{hugs}} from Belgium,


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[quote name='bandcompletely wrote:

jnspellman']Is that supposed to be funny? Sick.

What was funny?  What was sick?  It's not the 17 words alone that should solicit a judgement.  It's the reason behind  the words. 17 years I spent in fear.  17 years I feared the wrath of my wife. 26 years ago I married a woman I thought I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. We married on my 28th birthday.


Life was good.  The sun seemed to look down on us with a broad smile. But then, one day it went down in the sky and never came back.  The beatings started.  At first I thought it was just her way at being dominant because it started in the bedroom.  But soon it crept into the living room, the kitchen, and the hallway. We were only married a year when they started.


When I came home from work.  When I lost my job.  When I forgot to put out the thrash.  When the TV remote went missing.  She was unrelenting.  And you call me sick?


My greatest fear was leaving the woman.  It took me 16 years before I plucked up the courage to tell anyone about it.  I was glad I did.  Soon I got the help and assistance to do what needed to be done.


We got divorced May 12 2000.  It was a Friday.  It was a beautiful sultry day.  When I came out of the courthouse the sun had returned with a renewed smile.  I knew I had done the right thing.


It didn't end there.  I knew it wouldn't. She would sit in her car and watch where I went.  She watched my every move and every now and then she would corner me on the street and create a scene.  Being a man, I was always looked on as being the criminal in each of the situations.


On a rainy day in November 2001.  It was a Saturday.  November 3rd it was.  I had planned a trip to Montreal to meet a girl I met online.  I didn't realise at the time but my ex-wife followed me to Montreal.  This time she had planned to kill me.  She had found out about this other women and she didn't want me to be happy.  She was used to making my life a misery.  It had become a habit to her.  Like nicotine.


At 12.37pm, on Route 87 just before the American/Canadian Border, she was struck by an articulated truck that had lost control due to the very wet surface of the road. She was killed instantly. 


I didn't find out until a week later.  2 uniformed police officers called to my house to inform me that they had good reason to believe that I would have been murdered the previous week.  My ex-wife had left a suicide note in her car explaining what she was going to do, how she was going to do and the reason for it.


She was a sick women who had lost total grasp of reality.  Love to her had become a form of torture.  In her letter she stated that she loved me and only wanted the best for me.  Because I left her, she was going to kill me, and then herself, so we could be together forever in heaven.


She went there alone on that fateful day.


I am a very happy man who is still alive because of that truck.cant believe this happened to you, it's like something you see in a movie! i wish you a nice and loving girl and a happy life from now on...

although i dont believe in heaven (or hell), i doubt if your ex-wife would get there even when it exists!


btw; i think it's hard for a man admitting something like this, and people will easily see the woman as the victim in these situations, so it's cruel to say ;  but you got lucky in the end....

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