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What do you think of the new album now?


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I have to admit, When "No Line" came out, I was a little disappointed.
However, after several month's. I can't stop listening to at least 8 song's.
I am 39 years old, and hope I hear new U2 till I die.
Thank you boy's!

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It has grown on me as well but not as much that I would put it in my top 5 of U2 albums.. When it came out it was about their worst album, now it's somewhere in the middle for me. Also, my favourite songs of the album in the beginning, are not my favourite songs now anymore and vice versa. When it came out and I listened to it for the first time, Magnificent was my favourite track, now it's not even in my top 5 anymore. If I have to pick 5 tracks it would be (in this order): Breathe, No line on the horizon, Unknown Caller, Fez-Being Born, I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight.

Where I would put No line in the list:

1. Achtung Baby

2. The Joshua Tree

3. All that you can't leave behind

4. The unforgettable fire

5. How to dismantle an atomic bomb

6. Boy

7. No line on the horizon

8. Pop

9. Zooropa

10. Rattle&Hum

11. October

12. War (sorry.. never been a War fan.... Don't know why)

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im suprised with the negative reaction the album has got. personally me, with u2's last two album efforts just scream meat and potatoes albums. u2 doing what u2 shouldnt be doing. writing or trying to write albums with songs full of hits. although it seemed to take the fear factor out of u2 with the shock of pop, a move inwhich they didnt have to take, worked well for them and the record sales. 11 million copies of behind sold, doesnt make it a masterpiece for me. bomb on the other hand is slightly better with some crunch from the edge. but a mix match of production losses my interest.


no line when i first heard it, i was instantly hooked. it reminded me of listening to u2 in 1985 again, unforgettable fire, u2 writing music which takes you somewhere and it mirror's the unforgettable fire for me in so many ways. fuck having a hit song, the charts are for acts which appeal to kids these days and u2 shouldnt worry about a lack of a hit single. today i think its an incredible piece of work and i hope u2 continue to make the music they love rather than pleasing the american audience with american rawk. i hope they do make that big rock record, but im all for the mellow songs of ascent first. it isnt time to call rick rubin just yet.

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I would put it in my top 5, I cant stop playing it. Favourite 3 tracks: Fez reborn, Magnificent, Unknown caller

1. The unforgettable fire

2. War

3. Achtung baby

4. No line on the horizon

5. Joshua tree

6. All that you cant leave behind

7. Boy

8. How to dismantle an atomic bomb

9. Pop

10. October

11. Rattle and hum

12. Zooropa

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it ranks here today.............


1. achtung

2. the joshua tree


4. the unforgettable fire

5. boy

6. zooropa

7. pop

8. rattle and hum

9. war

10. how to dismantle an atomic bomb

11. october

12. all that you can't leave behind

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I'm the same way. On the first listen, I really didn't like NLOTH. It's definitely grown on me. Magnificent, Stand Up Comedy, and Fez Being Born are my favorites.


Line up for me:

1. All That You Can't Leave Behind

2. Joshua Tree

3. Achtung Baby

4. No Line On The Horizon

5. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

6. Unforgettable Fire

7. Rattle and Hum

8. Boy

9. Pop

10. War

11. October

12. Zooropa

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