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Your Glasto Greatest Hits Set List?


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23 songs to choose , they will do a full 2 hour set [maybe longer] at glasto and ive already read that they will do a greatest hits set so what would your set list be???


1 Where the Streets Have No Name [ just like the joshua tree tour]

2 I Will Follow

3 Beautiful Day

4 New Years Day

5 Magnificent

6 Still Havent Found What Im Looking For

7 Stuck in a Moment and Cant Get Out of It / sweetest thing

8 Breathe

9 Elevation

10 City of Blinding Lights

11 Mysterious Ways

12 Sunday Bloody Sunday

13 Stay [Faraway , so close]

14 Angel of Harlem

15 Desire

16 The Fly

17 Get On Your Boots

18 Pride

19 Bad

20 With Or Without You


21 Vertigo

22  Discotheque

23 One


Very hard to choose

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Great set list Chrisbwa!


I 'd do it slightly different though..


1. Breathe

2. No line on the horizon

3. I will follow

4. Beautiful day

5. Until the end of the world

6. Elevation

7. Magnificent

8. I still haven't found what I'm looking for

9. Stuck in a moment (acoustic)

10. Desire (acoustic)

11. Get on your boots

12. Pride (in the name of love)

13. Sunday bloody sunday

14. City of blinding lights

15. Where the streets have no name

16. Bad

17. One


18. Vertigo

19. Mysterious ways

20. With or without you

21. Walk on

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My list isnt a list of my favourite u2 tunes but the best set list i can think for Glasto. they have got too play a couple of the new album aswell.


Maybe even throw the sweetest thing in aswell which is a massive tune in the UK

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Yes, my set list is also not a list of my favourite U2 tunes. Otherwise, I would have put something of POP in the set list, but I'm not sure if the crowd will react in a positive way to these songs. They will have to come up with classics, which they have. I didn't know that about the sweetest thing.. So yes, it would be great to introduce that to the set list as well.

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I thought Glastonbury was a sea of people out to see the next big thing. If so it would skew young and the wilder uptempo stuff like MOFO might work better than sad love songs and social justice anthems. I predict collaborations and covers, but what do i know?

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