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Twitter's Gone RED. (World AIDS Day)


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Here are some tweets from joinred:

"joinred:Starbucksis turning (RED) for World AIDS Day & giving 5c/5p on eachhand-crafted beverage today 2 fight AIDS in Africa (US, UK, CAN, IE)"

"joinred:It’s World AIDS Day - Help fight AIDS in Africa. Buy (NIKE)RED LACES. 100% profits to Africa. #laceupsavelives."

"joinred:10%of the world’s pop is in Africa yet she's home to 67% of all HIV cases.Fight AIDS in Africa. Turn Twitter (RED) #red #laceupsavelives"


Ifyou have a twitter go follow "joinred", it's World AIDS Day and you canturn your tweets red. Just mention #red or #laceupsavelives. Join thefight against AIDS, a deadly, yet PREVENTABLE and TREATABLE disease.
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