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RED on the Skyline!!!


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Ifyou're in the following areas, watch out for these places that will belit up in RED tonight!! Post your pictures on facebook, u2.com, andtwitter!

Baltimore, MD: The Washington Monument in Baltimore
Boston, MA: The Zakim Bridge
Chicago, IL: CNA Building. The AIDS ribbon and the words “FIGHT AIDS†in lights on the side of the building
Columbus, OH: City Hall & the Columbus Public Health Building will be (RED) for the entire week!
Dublin, Ireland: City Hall
London, England: the London Eye and the Trafalgar Square Fountain
Los Angeles, CA: the Central Library in downtown Los Angeles and the pylons around LAX airport
Pittsburgh, PA: the City & County Building and the needle on top of the Highmark Building
Providence, RI: City Hall, 1 Financial Plaza, 111 Westminster Street and the Skating Center at Kennedy Plaza
Salt Lake City, UT: The City & County Building
San Francisco, CA: City Hall & Coit Tower
St. Louis, MO: Civil Courts Building
Torrance, CA: Girl Skate Park



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Awesome! The LA Public Library is going RED! Yay LAPL!! Sorry about the gushing. I work for LA Public Library, just not at the Central Library. I wish I could get downtown to see it. Stupid ankle!

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