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Is the box set worth it?


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Ok, I really want the box set, but getting it will be a bit of a pain. I don't want to buy it from Brazilian stores because besides the ginourmous importtax they add 200% of profit on top and it's just ridiculous.

Then I could get it in what could be called the brazilian version of eBay, but I never used that website so I asked my sister to help me and she said that theseller's qualifications are too low for me to buy something that expensive from them.

I could try getting it on Amazon, but when I bought the Joshua Tree box set and the box set for the 3rd season of Doctor Who on UK's Amazon I had all sortsof issues. First, the postal office decided to recharge me for my stuff instead of just charging me the import tax, I had asked my mom to get the package atthe post office for me so I only found out when it was too late. Then my sister looks at the box, as she and my mom are about to leave the post office, andnotices something weird with the box. She takes a better look at it and finds out it's open and the JT box set wasn't in it. So they go back to talk tothe post office guy to return it or something, after all they had just payed an arm and a leg to receive the damned thing, but the post office guy says hecan't give the money back cause the payment ws already processed. Luckily I managed to talk to Amazon and they sent me the JT box set. And I ended up notgetting back my money from the post office...


Which brings me to the question: Is the box set all that's cracked up to be? And what's in the book?


Cause it's been 4 days since the release and I want the damned album! Or at least knowing that it's coming my way in the post in case I get the boxset.


And also, are your digipacks all in one piece? Cause I heard several horror stories from brazilian people about the booklet falling apart when you first openit.

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Hi AnaCoralina,


I ordered my box set from amazon.co.uk but unfortunately i am still waiting for it,so i can't say you anything,hopefully someone will tell about the boxset here in a very detailed way in here...


So fellas who has got it and please tell us about it.


Take care.

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I have the box set it opens in half with the contents nicely packaged into the box, The book has excellent quality hpotos and plenty of worthwhile interviewswith the band plus a fold out poster within the book, Linear is just in a standard one fold digipak sleeve, the album however folds out and has a big poster ofthe band attached with a bigger book than the standard release also attached and then the poster is double sided one side has the album cover and the other animage of the band.


All in all its a very nice box set but slightly steep at £45 considering i got the last Oasis album box set and that has a hardback book, 4 vinyls, 2 CD'sa DVD for less than £50.

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The boxed set is definitely worth it providing it does not set you back too much financially. The book is awesome with great photos and interviews with theband. I found the book gave me a better understanding of the songs and the inspiration behind them.

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