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Edge's 7 shirt significance


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7 just happens to be my HOUSE Number. We hit 777 on 2007 thru my first born. born 7784, but 777 for 2007. I have 7 children. God made the world in 7 days, Bono is a 7th born generation Prince. One who is like a lion in the midst. A sun Prince. A man blessed with gifts beyond normal. A man with a heart worthy of love and praise of the Pure Kind. It is extremely hard to find a man like my beloved Prince Bono, he is a genius artistic man, while at the same time, a husband, father, brother, channeler, guide, a light for many, a special man who is unique, like an original of the species of us, humanity. He stands glorious in light of all darkness around us, he is surrounded by love which protects him, pure clean love which ascends him in the spiritual form, he is a very powerful man in the invisible realm, he is always the focus of their attention and in here, we are as well focused on him, but here many focus on his physical status in this plane, worldy status, but I Realm of the Prince, see him in his real place, the real Prince Bono, is very powerful because he is so sweet, his energy reenforces the life energies of others, I swear, I love his energy, the feel of it, makes me go into a trance, a plane of happiness, total contentment, totally positive plane, thats where I like to be all the time, but I want him to come and see me. Nothing in this world, would make me happier than to see him in front of me, hold and shake his hands, and of course, inspect him to make sure he is the real one, as there is only one chance for this meeting, its a century old meeting waiting to happen. I would get to see his dimple in person, his frekkles, his eyes, his hairs on this arm, I would just fall in love with his phsycal creation because he is ever so unique and his DNA is very much loved by Realm and God, well, Bono is definitely a #1 for him too. Gods baby Bono. Realm's Prince Bono.  I wish I could go and get him and bring him with me here so I could have him close to me. Thereby, I get to listen to his voice everyday, his pitch would have me go nuts, totally in love Realm, lately, the sun looks more and more beautiful, the days are a miracle to be seen, and Bono is right on the center of the thought. He is always the center of the light that engulfs me with love.


Realmawake One Life, One Love, One Prince

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Is it me or does Edge always have his thing during tours. Like this tour he's wearing plad shirts (which he nicked off Larry didn't he lol) Just coz he isn't as outragous as Adam doesn't mean he doesn't have his little tihng on tour!

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Obviously, The Edge is a "Seinfeld" fan . . . . .


"I defy you to come up with a better name than Seven."

"Alright, let's see... How about Mug? Mug Costanza. That's original. Or Ketchup. Pretty name for a girl."

"Alright... You having a good time now?"

"I've got fifty right here in the cupboard... How about Bisquick? Pimento? Gherkin? Sauce? Maxwell House?"

"Alright already!!"

- George and Jerry, in "The Seven"



"Seven Costanza... You're serious?"

"Yeah. It's a beautiful name for a boy or a girl. Especially a girl... Or a boy."

"I don't think so."

"What, you don't like the name?"

"It's not a name. It's a number."

"I know. It's Mickey Mantle's number. So not only is it an all-around beautiful name, it is also a living tribute."

- George and Susan, in "The Seven"


"Seven? Yeah, I guess I could see it. Seven. Seven periods of school, seven beatings a day. Roughly seven stitches a beating, and eventually seven years to life. Yeah, you're doing that child quite a service."

- Jerry, in "The Seven"

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