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joshthetree wrote:

Really nice pix there, you get snow, i'm so jealous!


Hopefully here's a picture of Bramble the lurcher and Ruby the German Shepherd. Bramble is approximately 5 years old and Ruby 7 monthes.



lol thanks. Snow is pretty after the first couple of days...I'm kinda ready for spring now, though!


I like your dogs. I don't know a lot about lurcher dogs, I read somewhere that they are greyhounds crossed with another breed?

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I have two cats, Sam and Bailey. I had three, but Tigger got sick a few months ago and is now in the big litterbox in the sky. frown.gif


This is Bailey ...




And here's a picture of all three. Sam is the black and white one. Tigger is in the forefront.




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Awww, Bailey reminds me of my cat Natasha, she passed away a couple of years ago frown.gif

Here's a picture of her, she was so pretty!



This is my cat Bono Presley (also known as Bono Hannibal Presley, due to his taste for human flesh)



Here's a macro I made of him a while ago



This is my sister's cat, Trakina, when she had just come home and was all skinny, had very little hair and was ugly lol

She's a rescue kitty, now she's all grown up and she's beautiful! She's tall, thin and has long legs, so we nicknamed her Bündchen (as inGisele Bündchen) lol Sadly I don't have any pictures of her now in this computer



And now the dogs! This is Princesa, my mom's cat and my dog sister lol



And this is Duda, my sister's dog and my dog niece laugh.gif



I'll stop pocting pictures now

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I can only find photos of two of my squirrels and one of my cats.



That's Kitten. Clever name.



Jack when he was brand new.


And since someone else posted a LOLcat, here's one my daughter made of our extremely pudgy squirrel, Momma:


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