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Why I am waving goodbye to U2


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[quote name='vertigoed wrote:

Luzzi']Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.

i dont know. maybe if the door hit him it'd knock some sense into him! and if it doesnt the door hitting him would make me smile.. let the door hit your arse on the way out tongue.gif

i'm no hatefull person, but have to admit i'm with you on this, vertigoed wink.gif

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[quote name='sea_islander wrote:

sea_islander wrote:

deannamarieu2']lol, my son is a fan of metallica, hes a member of their fan club but its under my name since i paid for it since he;s 13, and ive read the boards on there and there is not any criticism of u2 on there..i guess we just need to come to our home of u2.com for the haters of the band we love>? how ironic!!!

 lol actually there is not as much negativity from people that are fans towards metallica on their own website. what i mean to say is -why are there so many haters on u2.com. im sick of it! I say good riddens to dunlop who actually isnt a fan anymore obviously, or never was ?!


u2 forever!



just recently I love Metallica









Like Dunlop, I was listening to U2 in 1983...




*sea_islander quickly, while saying this, puts on all

his body armor eek.gif *




I guess the difference is -- I've never once stopped glasses.gif





you're good, that last line made up for the;' i was listening to u2 in 1983...'..luckily saved your arse (from the door)happy.gif

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happy.gifWell from the replies I can see that the sycophants are alive and well and patrolling these boards. Objectivity is in short supply here and since most if not all of the people that responded didn't read the full post, let me summarize.


*I have been a major U2 fan for 25 years

*NLOTH is my biggest disappointment with U2

*They have not had a challenge in 4 albums.

*Each album is more mediocre than the previous.

*U2 are best when they are challenged

*Time to change shit up. New production team and scheme.

*Ya, $250 for a ticket, that's real punk.


That is pretty much my point. But please do continue the brainless ranting. I need something funny to read in the loo.

BTW, funny how someone can hurl every profane word at a person and then call them a "hater". Isn't it ironic?

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Bflorendo, I appreciate your input. Having toured as a FOH engineer for 6 years, I DO know the ins and outs of financing a tour. I'm well aware that the band plays there own instruments (although Dallas Schoo has his hand well into the mix too) and of all the technical challanges of  putting on a tour this massive.I also know when the fireworks suplant the performance and the musicans take a backseat to the gimmicks, and this is the point I am getting at.


Case and point. Watching thr R&R HOF concert. Mick Jagger comes out to play with U2 and proceeds to pretty much do backflips across the stage. He knows that showing some enthusiam is a big part of the show...and the guy has 15 years on U2 as well.

My point is that if you are going to charge $250 for a ticket to a concert, you'd better bleed for your audience or you are ripping them off. Springsteen drops 5lbs a night performing for his peeps. THAT is enthusiasm.

I just wish that U2 still had that kind of spark for the songs but it's pretty obvious that they are content with a very mild workout on this tour. The lightshow is carrying them, and that's a bummer.

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