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let me here the sound?


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ouch, went to a Flogging Molly concert a couple of nights ago and am still having a buzzing in my ears- of course did not help that i was way close to stage(general admission) and 3 bands played with loudness, How long does it take to get rid of the buzzing? Usually after a concert i expect to hear less at leastthat night (and usually have problems sleeping due to the left over sound). Sort of interesting side effects - trying to keep things relatively quiet and seemto be able to here things with less need for volume. also tone was off after concert, things sounded off pitch (familiar sounds not quite right) this seems tobe better but still have the darn buzz in both ears. it was a good energetic show, but now my ears need to rest. any similar experiences post-concert?frown.gif i will be glad when this resolves so that i can listen to the new album at thevolume level i desire but until then volume is set to low...

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